My Financial Success Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

So I was sitting here just thinking to myself, I wonder if I am afraid of success? Are there others out there who may even think they are afraid of success? How can one see into fixing this if one is afraid of success? Then *BOOM* it hit me. Why not create a tarot spread about this issue so I did. Here is My Financial Success Celtic Cross Tarot Spread.

financial success tarot spread
My Financial Success Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

So here is the positions I have for this:
1) Your business as of right now. Where are the energies? What is currently going on that you need to be aware of?
2) Current obstacle or challenge that needs to be looked at & dealt with.
3) Are you afraid of success? Now this card is a yes or no with a reason why even if it is reversed or not. Maybe you get the 7 of Swords here. Yes you fear it as you may feel like you are stealing other’s successes away from them. 6 of Wands, reversed is also a yes because you fear your ego may take control or you lack self confidence. Go with what you see & feel in this position as you look to the card.
4-6) The Triangle of Success
I call these 3 cards the Triangle of Success. What do you need to do to be successful? How an you change the energy of that #3 card to a more positive outcome or what additional things do you need to do to be more successful?
7-10) Outcome for the next 12 months
Each card here is for every 3 months if you follow the Triangle of Success for what you can expect. So you can tweak it if you need to. As this isn’t set in stone. You can change your outcome if you are aware what lies ahead.

I hope my Financial Success Celtic Cross Tarot Spread helps you in your path to success & helps you see what changes you need to make.

Brandy 🙂

The Positive Side of XVI The Tower

This was one of my cards from last week. XVI The Tower. Many depict this card as people falling from the windows, flames shooting out of the crevices, generally a very depressing card. Upheaval is coming & it is going to bitch slap you. I understand the scary notions that run around in the mind, but there is a positive side to this card.

This card can mean you are creating a life from chaos that has plagued you. It can mean that you are starting a new life, a new foundation to build upon due to what has crumbled around you. Don’t allow fear of this card to make you think a negative here. Try to look at the positive aspects if you can.

“Well my husband left me, but this means I can create a better life for ME.”
“Well the job did create a lot of chaos in my life & made me choose family or job. I can always rebuild my career without the feeling of guilt.”
“Well my friendship may not have been the best, but this allows me to see new opportunities in finding new friends.”
“Well I know I may be clumsy & fall, but I do my best to walk with grace.” (This is so me here lol I am very clumsy as I trip on air!)

So if you get a negative card in a tarot reading, try to look at the positives within it. I know sometimes it may be hard to even do that in certain situations, but it would put your mind at ease.

Weekly Guidance Reading for 04/09/18 to 04/15/18

Here is your weekly guidance reading for 04/09/18 to 04/15/18.

This week I am using “Unicorn Oracle” & “Crystal Unicorn Tarot”. It does seem to be a very emotional draining week. But on the plus side, Mercury Retrograde will be over on the 15th.

Theme this week is: Magic, Delight, Support
Normally I draw one card for the theme, but Magic & Delight were jumpers. Meaning they jumped out as I was shuffling so I included them in the reading. Magic card has been stalking me personally so maybe it is a reminder for me or wants to be told for you as well.
It is important to believe in miracles & that magic does exist. Magic may surround you this week to where you can make things happen in your favor. Delight in everything this week, even the small things that may seem insignificant. Count your blessings as well. Remember there are those who don’t have what you do in your life. Clothes, food, transportation. Take pleasure for the simple things in life. You also need to remember to take care of yourself. Don’t allow others to drain you of your energy this week. Ask for help or get more rest if needed.

Situation: Queen of Cups, Reversed
Others may be taking your generosity for their own personal gain. They may be draining you of your own psychic energy & power. It is important to try to create boundaries within you and around you. Self care.

Challenge: Knight of Cups
You may want to do what you love & you feel that you can’t accomplish that. With so many coming to you with their own problems, you can’t see about working on your own path. Trying to make others happy while you are stuck in the middle.

Advice: 9 of Cups, Reversed
This is the wish card when it is not reversed. Here it sits with it’s energy drained. Feeling hopeless as if your dreams or wishes won’t come true. It is important to remember you are magic & can create the life you so desire. You need to create your boundaries & do some self care. It is also important to notice the lil details in life & marvel at their existence. Be thankful for everything that comes forth. Work on turning this card into a more positive where dreams become reality.

This month is Unicorn themed tarot & oracle card reading themed. Check out my Etsy shop to get your own personalized Unicorn tarot & oracle card reading for your question.

Card of the Day for 04/06/18

Card of the Day:
King of Swords
The Crystal Unicorn Tarot
Be fair today. Thinking with your head and not your heart. May be unemotional. Choices today require a balance. You may need to be an authority figure.

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Card of the Day for 04/05/18

Card of the Day:
Ace of Cups
The Crystal Unicorn Tarot

New love or a rekindled love. This can also mean you have let go of the past to welcome in new love into your life. Love is all you need even if you only love yourself. Can also mean a birth as well. Proposal. Allowing yourself to receive love.

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Card of the Day for 04/04/18

Card of the Day:
8 of Cups
The Crystal Unicorn Tarot

You may realize a situation you are in does not serve you. Maybe toxic relationships with friends, family, co workers. Maybe your job is draining you. Maybe you feel a pull or a call to a different spiritual path. You feel the pull to leave. To see what is behind the horizon. Is it better than now? Only way to find out is to take that journey. Leave what isn’t making you happy to find a place that will. To find your true self.
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Card of the Day for 04/03/18

Card of the Day:
4 of Cups, Reversed
The Vampires’ Tarot of the Eternal Night

Starting to notice the signs from Spirit, Angels, or the Universe. Start waking up to the possibilities.

On a personal note, I’m going to do a dream interpretation reading as I’ve been having dreams of hearing a knock on the door. I know what it means generally, but I’m going to see if there is a different message that I’m not getting.

Card of the Day for 04/02/18

Card of the Day:
10 of Wands, Reversed
The Vampires’ Tarot of the Eternal Night

The burdens you carry will become lighter especially if you ask for help. Don’t take on too much today. If you can’t do something then say something. Allow the weight to come off your shoulders.

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Card of the Day for 04/01/18

Card of the Day:
XVI The Tower
Vampires’ Tarot of the Eternal Night

Well alright then. Things are going to feel as though they are crumbling around you or maybe you have torn down your plans to rebuild a more solid foundation. Expect some turbulence today as things are going to change. You may like it or you may hate it. Whatever the case may be, know that this is a wake up call for you. Don’t look at it as a negative like many do. Find the light as the tower comes tumbling down. There is always a positive in a negative situation. I know we sometimes can’t see that when we go through a traumatic experience. Feeling our world just collapsed. Take the time to grieve then look at how this can positively change your life.

Monthly Card Reading for April

Reading for April
Theme: Action
Oracle of the Unicorns
7 of Swords, Queen of Pentacles, & Knight of Swords
Crystal Unicorn Tarot

Have you been feeling the strong need lately to leave your comfort zone and to take action in your life or in an area in your life? Here’s the sign. You can’t take on the world or make your dreams happen if you are just sitting in your comfort zone. You need to take action and make your dreams a reality. Bring them to life. April is action month. Create your plan then go.

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