Cleaning Out the Cobwebs

I have been feeling stuck in a rut for a long ass time. I have been wanting to know how to get out of this rut. I feel lost mostly. That I am not moving forward or behind. The 2 of Swords kind of feeling. Stuck in a limbo of existence. Unknown which way to move that would help me move forward. My life isn’t as magical as it used to be. I feel like I have hit a brick wall. I knew I needed some change. I need a new outlook on life. I need to declutter myself too. I have felt this way for years so it isn’t with the birth of my son. This is just a dwindling feeling of being stuck. The path is just unclear for me to move on.

I have been trying to see the bright side of life. To try to appreciate the joys, even small, instead of focusing on the negative. It has helped some, but there really hasn’t been a huge change. I decided to try to read up on ways to improve my life. Ways to help me see & clean up what feels stagnant energy. I want to be my authentic, free spirit self, but also have fear of being that way. I never used to feel this way before. It has been almost 3 years since I have felt so unlike “me”. I feel caged in. Helpless. Confused. I try different things, different ways. Where did the person go that I was like 3 years ago? Why did my confidence deplete?

I have been getting some guidance sent to me in form of messages that I am going to be working on implementing.
First one is being a vegetarian. There are some reasons why I have felt compelled to do this. Meat has been making me sick as of late. It doesn’t have the satisfying taste as it used to. Plus I have been wondering if I am absorbing the energies from the meat as it does make me feel sad at times or I feel full of anxiety. I have become really sensitive to things. It is hard to be a vegetarian when your partner is a meat eater. I am slowly transitioning to this lifestyle as I can.

Second, I am just letting go of those that are toxic. I’m just tired. I don’t care for gossip. I don’t care for toilet humor. I don’t care for making fun of others. I need those in my life that I can have a deep connection with. I blame myself because I just don’t want to reach out to anyone either. It is like the human race just has no empathy or emotion. They are only interested in themselves or what they get out of the deal instead of caring for others as a whole. We have went from a WE complex to a ME complex. I have just felt a huge disconnection with people. Let them fall off of my life & the ones that want to stay can stay. Engage my senses. Look at the deeper meanings of what life gives you. Explore your mind more. In some ways I feel like I have become a prude, in others I feel like I have grown. I’m just tired of not feeling fulfilled. In all honesty, I want to cut everyone off. EVERYONE. Well except my small family. Majority of the time I am rolling my eyes at people, at links shared, at gossip, at basically everything. Why can’t we just be appreciative of the simple things we have in life? Who cares what the Joneses are doing? Blah!

Last, working on me. That in itself is a challenge on its own. Especially when I am lost & don’t know which direction I should head to. I feel empty mostly. I feel as though I have no one to really talk to. I know there are those that say “Well you can come to me?” But no. I have changed too much for them to understand. Some have come back into my life that have been missing for so many years and the only reason they came back to me is when they found out I had a baby. I swear you have a baby & people show up out of no where! Family, ex friends, even ex lovers! I don’t know WHY they come back. I have those that just stalk my shit constantly. Am I that hard to just get rid of?  Want to know what Brandy is up to today? LMAO! I’m interesting I guess. Which makes me really wonder if I do embody the Queen of Wands. I see her as someone who has a magnetic personality, confident, bold, with the hint of magic & a mysterious soul. Maybe that is it. So I keep the real me inside. Locked up. Caged. Swallowed the key. I only write in my journal when I feel I need to. Now I know I probably pissed a bunch of people off & I am cool with that. Speaking the truth here. I have become so damn blunt with what I say anymore I just don’t care. People want me to be authentic, well here ya go. LMAO!

My main goal is to create a magical life for myself. To live my authentic me. To go back to how I used to be in a sense that I just let go of things & became a free spirit. So far it is a slow process, but it is something I am working on. A change from within. Which I also blame why I have distant myself from others too. I need me. I can’t block all completely, sadly, as that is what I want to do. To turn off the outside so I can work on the inside, but I don’t know how long that will take me & some I have to keep tabs on.

So this is what I am working on right now. Step by step. Little by little.

A Visit from Archangel Azrael

Last week I did a challenge in a group I am in about becoming more confident in attaining money doing what you love in the spiritual work community. There was a meditation where we were to access our ancestors to help heal the poverty mindset that happens at times. In the meditation there was a huge tree that represented my family, my ancestors. It was very powerful & made me cry as well. During this meditation Archangel Azrael came forth to me, wrapped his arms around me to comfort me during this process. To help heal the grief that was there during this meditation. This was the first time I felt his presence & seen him. Black robe, but white wings, older gentleman face, white hair, tan like skin. He was very comforting. It was an experience I will not forget.

I feel he looked this way for me to recognize who he was. I feel his form is really a bit different than I gave a description for, but that is how he appeared to me.

I never felt so alive & better till that incident with him. Definitely calling upon him for matters of Ancestor work to help heal the grieving.

Tarotscopes for December 2017

Salutations everyone.

I am using Angel Tarot Cards for December 2017 Tarotscopes.

XIX The Sun
Success is in the palm of your hand, Aries. It is important to have confidence within yourself as well. You will be shining bright & there will be those that will see you in the darkness that need your light. Help those who seek your aid as that will help your Karma.

XIV Balance
It is important to find your sweet spot this month. You may need to work on adding a little bit of this & that to test the waters in order to find that balance. Keep your head up & know you are working on creating the perfect life for you & your loved ones.

7 of Air
There is more going on in your life than meets the eye. Someone may try to use you for their own benefit. It is important right now to fly under the radar to not be seen. Make sure your plans for this month are good & solid as they may need a revision.

2 of Air
Things seem to not be moving for you in the best way. You need to just make a choice & stick with it without any doubt. Don’t pretend that there isn’t a problem when there is. Work on finding a solution that will help you in the long run.

I The Magician
You are ready to make your life magical. To create the life you really seek within. Be who you are. Put your intentions out there to the universe so you have help in making your dreams a reality. You have the resources to accomplish this if you look hard enough.

Queen of Earth
It is important to balance career & family so you can nurture those you care about. Deal with anything that comes your way with kindness & understanding. Being mad doesn’t help the situation. This is also a possibly time of fertility & abundance. Be thoughtful.

2 of Earth
You may be juggling too much right now. Try to find a spin of humor in the situation to make things easier for you and those around you. You may also be having issues making choices. The main thing here is to do what makes your heart flutter & sing. That is the choice you need to make.

8 of Air
Stop feeling trapped! Find your confidence & get out of your comfort zone or else the world won’t move for you. You will remain stagnant & afraid. Take action in your life now. Let go of what others may think & move forward in your path. You will regret it as you get older.

King of Fire
Be a leader! Start that business! Go after your desires! Focus on your dreams & goals this month. Take those ambitions and make them work for you. Your charismatic nature will attract the business you need to succeed. It will also help you be abundant for December.

Knight of Water
Prepare for love or for your current love to rise! Maybe even a wedding proposal may come forth this month. It is also important to balance emotions at this time. You may also feel a bit more spiritual than normal or in the holiday season a lot more than you may have in the past. Enjoy the joy it brings.

2 of Fire
You hold the world in your hands. You can accomplish anything you set your mind to in your business & personal lives. You just got to stop holding the world & move forward. You may also experience new love or a new partnership in business as well, but I feel the latter is more up your alley.

XV Ego
Stop being negative. You are attracting what you don’t want. You are attracting doubts & despair in your life. It is important to let go & get rid of this false sense of being trapped. That noose is loose so allow freedom to reign. Let go & be your true self. Be free, be confident, be you & allow opportunities to rain on you.

It’s a Win-Win!

I have a lot to blog about, so in the next few days expect to get some insight that I have discovered within myself as of late.

I want to talk about, however, recent events. Hayhouse is having a huge $7/deck sale that ends today. I bought a few. The Guardian Angel Tarot (yes I know over power of sweetness, but I am hoping it will help in relationship readings where things are very sensitive, plus I love vintage art), Angels of Abundance, & Talking to Heaven (as I want to work on mediumship so I am hoping this can spark the flame). Anyway I purchased these decks as it was a calling to do so. Then last night as I dreamed this card appeared to me. I didn’t know the meaning of the card other than it was the same as XIV Temperance. So I looked it up & this is what it said. I take that as a win for buying these decks.

I still have to purchase my friend’s deck she has as I am saving slowly for that one. Unexpected bills got in the way & I kept getting a pull to get these decks so we shall see.

Things are going in a positive direction for December which I am thanking the universe for.

Like I said I have more to talk about which I will in due time.

Have a great weekend & a wonderful start for the month!

Weekly Reading for 11/20/17 to 11/26/17

Honoring Your True Feelings

Healing with the Fairies

Your feelings are validated. It’s important for you to express them to others at this time so they know how you feel. If you can’t tell someone your feelings then they are not meant to be a part of your life.

Do what makes you happy. Live a life that would make you smile. Sure help others if you can as well, but don’t forget yourself.

Have a blessed week!


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Weekly Reading for 11/13/17 to 11/19/17

14 Truth be Told
Wisdom of the Oracle

It’s important to be true to who you are. Be authentic to attract those who want to be in your life, aka your tribe.
Get out of denial about the situation you are debating and notice the facts and signs.

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Also on Fortunica & Zodiac Psychics!

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Charging a Tarot or Oracle Deck for an Intended Purpose

So yesterday I was thinking about crystals & their charged purpose. Why can’t we do that with tarot & oracle decks? Sure some of us have only 1 deck, but there are others out there that have a multitude of decks who are, in a sense, junkies. 😉 Me included in that list.

I’ve learned some of my decks prefer to be served for 1 purpose only. Others don’t care as long as they are getting in on the action. So I started thinking, since we can charge crystals for various purposes of a job, why not do the same with a deck?

So I did a test run with my Crystal Visions deck. It seems to enjoy doing love & relationship readings more. It will do other readings, but it loves working with relationships. So I cleared my deck of its energy, rearranged the cards to how they were when I got the deck. Put my own intentions & thoughts into the deck & shuffled it completely. So now it is just for Love & Relationships.

So I am going to be working on doing this with my other decks. Shadow work, career, life path, ancestor work, & so forth.

I thought this could be an idea for someone else to try out to see if it works out for them too.

Tarot Card of the Day: 11/06/17

Tarot Card of the Day:
3 of Cups
Crystal Visions Tarot

Friendships are important today. Coming together with a common goal. Celebrate achievements that have come forward. Share the joy with friends.

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Weekly Reading for 11/06/17 to 11/12/17

Weekly Reading for 11/06/17 to 11/12/17I’m using Crystal Visions Tarot.

Energies: Ace of Swords
Truth shall be coming out which will help bring clarity to certain situations in your life. Just know the truth can be brutal and blunt.

Challenge: 9 of Swords
Feeling doubtful or negative about everything that had transpired so far. Wanting to stay in your comfort zone.

Advice: King of Wands
Take charge of your situation. Don’t sit around waiting for things to change. Grab life by the horns and take charge. Be a leader. Listen to the truth and gain true clarity to take the lead.

November 2017 Tarotscopes & Oraclescopes

Here are your November 2017 Tarotscopes & Oraclescopes. I am using “The Wild Unknown Tarot” by Kim Krans & “Oracle of the Shapeshifters” from Lucy Cavendish.

I have been feeling animal energy as of late so I thought it would be a perfect time to use these cards.

Oracle: Orca Magick: The Akashic Libraries Open
Tarot: 3 of Pentacles
Message: If you have been feeling not yourself as of late, you may need to head the call of the Orcas. Listening to some nature music with whales/orcas/dolphins will help you connect with your inner being. Doing so also helps you evolve your current life path. You will understand more who you are, what you are here to do, & how to do it. You can move mountains if you put forth the effort to want to do so. Allow your fire element to help inspire & guide you as well.

Oracle: Dragonling Garden: A New World is Born
Tarot: XIX The Sun
Message: This month should bring you much joy. Lately you may have been feeling in a funk or nothing seems to be going your way. It is going to feel like you are rising from the ashes this month. A breath of life will ensue. Things will be looking on the up & up as well. If you have been wanting to create something new or rearrange your plans then this is the month for you to do it. Expect success, joy, & inspiration to take over.

Oracle: Fiona & the Unicorn: The Gift of Sacred Sight
Tarot: XVI The Tower
Message: Things will shake you to the core this month, but you already knew that. You know what is going to happen before it truly does. Know that even though the ground shakes, the foundation cracks, & it seems the world is falling down upon you, this is your perfect opportunity to rebuild & revision what you see. You can take this energy & transform it to something better. You can create a stronger & more durable way of being. Just let the walls fall. You got this Gemini!

Oracle: The Delicate Faery & Her Ferrets: Change is Natural, Good–&, Yes, It Can Hurt.
Tarot: 8 of Swords
Message: It is time to come out of your shell, Cancer. It is time to get out of that comfort zone. Yes it can hurt coming out being open about what you have been holding back, but it needs to be done. You need to be you. Free & confident. Those that deny you or reject you, know that is for you to clean house in your life. There will be those who will accept you regardless. Take the leap of faith & be true to you.

Oracle: Bats in the Belfry: You Can Achieve Great Things
Tarot: 2 of Wands
Message: It is time you set out & go after what makes your heart sing. You have the world in your hands this month so make it count. You can make your dreams a reality. You have to just let go & believe that you can achieve. Set forth your intentions for this month & allow the universe to help you. This is a month for you to soar.

Oracle: Mermaid in a Koi Pond: Rediscover Your Individuality; Become the Dragon.
Tarot: Mother of Pentacles (Queen of Pentacles)
Message: You may have hidden your feelings & desires from those around you. It is time for you to break free & become the dragon you are. The protectress. The guiding light for others to follow. Let go of what or who has been holding you back. Nurture your true self. Your true being. Let go of the feelings of “what if” & just go for it. Embrace you!

Oracle: You Are Unlike Anyone Else: Your Contradictions & Complexities are Interesting
Tarot: Ace of Wands
Message: You are being noticed for your skills & your unique you. You will be hit with a surge of creativity as well. A passion will overcome you where you feel you have to make this happen. You have to proceed. Others may think you are strange, but that is their problem. Go forth with what you feel in your heart you need to do. Embrace the creative force that ruins through your veins.

Oracle: Miss Spider Web: Reconsider Your Alliances; Make New Connections
Tarot: Father of Cups (King of Cups)
Message: You may need to clean house of your friends/family. You will do your best to have empathy & be sincere, but you know that they have been draining your energy lately. You may even need to reconsider your career/job. Is this the path you really want or can you make it better? Look within you. Get rid of those things that feel toxic to your being & make new connections or a new path.

Oracle: The Faery Ring: New Skills, Advanced Training, Rapid Improvements
Tarot: 0 The Fool
Message: Need I say more? LMAO! The card says it all. You will be experiencing some new things coming your way this November & it is important to go at it with a open mind & a leap of faith. Just give it a shot & a try. This can help you in your career as well. You may find a new hobby that you want to take up. This is the month to explore what you have been holding off on doing. What do you have to lose here?

Oracle: Dragonfly Mermaid: You’ve Attracted Wonderful News!
Tarot: Daughter of Wands (Page of Wands)
Message: New things seems to be the key this month for many signs, yours included here! Great news is coming your way that involves career, art, or something creative even music. Expect things to lift up for you for a change this month. Things haven’t been the best this year, but the light at the end of the tunnel is here this month. Breathe a sigh of relief & embrace this. Things are looking up for you!

Oracle: Hedgehog Love: Positive Uplifting New Friends
Tarot: I The Magician
Message: This is my sign & those of us under this sign may look at this & run! But this is a good sign. We need to have uplifting friends that understand who we are & how we are. Who embrace the alien side of us. This month we will be creating magic & make friendships that will last a lifetime. New people, new friends, new connections. We will be feeling bold & courageous this month. Let’s step out of our comfort zone & welcome them in!

Oracle: The Golden Phoenix: Something You Thought Finished Bursts Back Into Life
Tarot: 6 of Pentacles
Message: This isn’t a bad thing either. This actually is something positive for it will bring balance in your life. This feels it could be a relationship or career. Where maybe you thought things wouldn’t blossom then all of a sudden they do. Allow these events to occur because they can really help you at this time. You need this to occur. It will help you see clearly & make you happier. Don’t be frightened or think someone is out to get you.