Card of the Day for 01/05/19: 2 of Air

You may be feeling stuck or in a stalemate over which path you should take. Take your time to consider all options that are available to you. Then choose the one that makes you excited, not what others think you should do.

2 of Air
Good Tarot

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Card of the Day for 01/03/19: 4 of Pentacles

Stop holding tight to stay within your comfort zone. Let go and run with your dreams.

4 of Pentacles
Starman Tarot

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Blessing and Gratitude Box

2019 Blessing and Gratitude Box
I decided to make one for this year as blessings have been coming in. Small to significant.
Yesterday I found a bag that had 3 cans of green beans that I forgot about from last year.
Today I got an early payment that I’d normally get between the 10th to the 20th.

Cut up little pieces of paper and have a pen near your box so you can write when you remember or when it happens. Then read them on the last day of the year.

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Card of the Day for 01/02/19: 3 of Swords, Reversed

It’s important to heal within what grief has left behind.
Stop with the fake smile and fake happiness and allow yourself to grieve. It is a form of healing that can not only help you see joy in your life, but awaken and bring love that has been blocked from you.

3 of Swords, Reversed
Starman Tarot

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Card of the Day for 01/01/19: 5 of Pentacles

Feeling you are not good enough?
Feeling lack?
Feeling as though you can’t accomplish your dreams, goals, hopes?
It’s time to let go of fear.
It’s time to stop listening to the negative voices and go for what brings you joy.
Enough is enough.
You are of value even if others can’t see it.
If they aren’t supporting you, they aren’t your soul tribe.
Be free, be you!

5 of Pentacles
Starman Tarot

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Monthly Card Reading for January 2019

We have finally made it to 2019. Are you ready? Excited? Nervous? Determined?

I thought we could use some empowerment this month so I decided to go with Archangel Power Tarot by Radleigh Valentine.

Here is your reading for January 2019. Keep in mind that this is a general reading. Some things may apply, some may not.

January 01-10: 2 of Ariel aka 2 of Pentacles
You may be feeling like you are juggling too much right now. You may either need to make it more fun or try to cut back on what you are wishing to accomplish. Baby steps here. I know many have made resolutions, but keep them realistic & balanced. This will help you to be more optimistic about your New Year goals. If it seems a bit chaotic to you, then cut back. Make some just optional & not a priority. What may be beneficial is pick one major accomplishment you want to bring into the New Year & work on that.

January 11-20: King of Ariel aka King of Pentacles
You are feeling successful, grounded. A sense of creating the foundation you need to make your goals a reality. Plans are working well for you & you see it happening. This can also be a card to let you know that your business is going to be booming soon. You will be feeling accomplished as well. It is important though that you watch your finances & material success. You may want to invest some money to make it grow so your foundations that you have created can remain secure. Look into ways to make positive investments with your money.

January 21-31: 8 of Michael aka 8 of Swords
OK Well what happened here? Are you not seeing the way? Are you feeling down? Worried about not reaching your goals? Don’t ask “Will I make this happen?” or “Will I be able to create this?” Just do it. You need to let go of your mind, that you have imprisoned, & just do it. You are in control of your choices & destiny. Don’t allow others to interfere or put you down, this includes your ego. Stop listening to the negative & work on the positive. If someone says you can’t do this or that, but you want to do this or that as it is your calling then guess what? They are not paying your bills, they are not in charge of your happiness, YOU ARE! So be you. Break those binds that hold you back, open the gate, & go for what makes YOU happy. Makes YOUR heart sing with joy.

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2019: My Prediction for the Year & My Personal Year Cards

Well is it right to say we have had a interesting year for 2018? Is that even appropriate? How I wonder…

Lots of interesting things occurred for 2018, but what was the dominant theme? Here is where we go into tarot to see what has happened. 

Now if you are new to tarot, get your journal, your cards & write down your own impression on what you feel was the theme for 2018 & for what I am putting up for 2019. Go with what you first feel, see, hear, & so forth. Do not doubt your interpretations. See what happens for you! Even if you are like WHAT!? in thinking, WRITE IT DOWN

So how do we figure out the year card or cards?
We reduce them down to the Major Arcana cards.
Sometimes the card may be 1 card or even 3 cards or 2 cards. Here is the formula to reduce the numbers:
So for 2018:
Can we still reduce the number? Yes we can:
So we have the numbers 11 & 2.
Now here is a bit of info I need to share.
In some decks 11 is Justice & some decks it is Strength. Go with whatever deck you feel connected to. Dreams of Gaia is it’s own system & will be different. Again still go by what you think. Now let’s look at the cards. These cards are going to be from Universal Waite. 

So we could have XI Justice or Strength (again depending on your deck) with II The High Priestess. 
In short I feel this is Divine Justice for Women or Divine Strength for Women or maybe a Divine Feminine Year. Which does seem to be the theme for 2018 in a sense. Women were coming forward with abuse allegations. MeToo started end of 2017, but took off mostly for 2018. Women were standing up for themselves. They were also voicing their abuse. Many were being honest about how they are treated. Even I have experienced my fair share of abuse. It was to be a powerful year for women. Women to have their voices heard. Secrets of the past coming forth to courts that involved abuse of women. Women having the strength to come forward with their stories that were hidden knowledge from the public. Things were coming to light basically. Seemed like the theme right? 

So what about 2019? Let’s look at what I feel the theme for 2019 will be:
2+0+1+9= 12
1+2= 3
So we have 12 & 3 correct? Here are the cards I have for that one. Again using Universal Waite:

So what do you see with this combo? 
I see “Spiritual Mother”. I see also an awakening. 
I feel that this year’s theme will have many to have a spiritual awakening. Many regretting their past beliefs, their judgements, their lack of empathy. They may be looking at things at a different perspective. Things may click within them.  They may need to be nurtured, forgiven for their past. Many will be in touch with their spirituality or gain spiritual insight.

This could also be where we sacrifice our comforts to take care of Mother Earth. I feel we may also have an awakening that we need to focus on the climate & Earth. 

This could also be the time where creative insights are being brought to the surface to make our world a better place. So let’s see what comes forth for 2019. 


So what about Personal Year Cards? How do you figure those out? 
Well the same way except you add your birth day & birth month (not your birth year) to the equation. So for me I was born February 3 & we are in 2018. So:
So we have 16 & 7. Which is…

Yes *sigh* XVI The Tower & VII The Chariot
What does this combo say to you?
For me “Pooper Scooper”.
I am serious…I know you are laughing…but the way 2018 played out for me…”Pooper Scooper”. 
I felt like I was always cleaning up messes or things were just collapsing before me & I felt out of control. Let me give you a few examples of how my year played out for me:
We had issues with our account being over drawn (several times I may add & it seemed like a constant issue) so I was always trying to fix the situation with my bank account. Charges that were forgotten were the culprit for this, but I wouldn’t know about them until I was told. So I had to clean up the mess. Because of this, I had to borrow money a few times this year for gas & diapers! I didn’t even have $5 for diapers! 
And near the end of the year, 12/17/18, I found out a site I use to offer psychic advice to had issues with paying their advisers. Many had their payments declined, mine just set there in pending status. This payment was to be used for my 2 year old son’s holiday gifts.  Well even though a day late, I got it finally. The mental struggle though…*ugh*
This was the year my tower fell, many times no matter how much I tried to create a solid foundation, only to have it crumble before me. Then trying to take the reigns of the chariot to clean up the mess to rebuild. This has been my 2018. Definitely a test for me. So I am beyond over joyed to go into 2019.

But what does 2019 have in store for me? Let’s see:
So that gives us this combo:

So we have XVII The Star & VIII Strength or Justice 
So what do you see from this possible combo?

Well want to know something interesting?
I am an Aquarius Sun in the 8th house. XVII The Star card represents the water bearer, Aquarius & with the VIII card…Interesting? Yes! 
So let’s look at this. 
The Star is about peace, hope, the universe blessing me, healing me, letting me know that I am on the right path, a fresh start, after the darkness from the tower, comes the light. Being positive will double the gifts from the universe. 
Then we have Strength. Strength is just that. To have courage. To believe. To get rid of self doubt. It’s about personal power. Have love & compassion as well. Taming the beast. Self-confidence as well. I have the power, now do something! 
If I use Justice, it says there will be a balance this year. Universal Law will come into play. I will find my center after the previous hardships from 2018. Truth will come forth so just wait as it will catch up this year. 

So 2019 should be a successful year for me! After 2018 when it seemed everything was going wrong, 2019 will reward me for what 2018 gave me. 

So find your own personal year cards & write down your own impressions. 

Many blessings to you & I hope you have a great new year!

Brandy 🙂 

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Card of the Day for 12/28/18: 14 Balance

Sometimes we have to be the alchemist to find our balance in life. Today may be the day you need to work on a plan to find what will work for you. Possibly for the new year.

14 Balance
Angel Tarot

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How do you do Yes/No questions using Tarot?

I’ve heard this question a lot as of late: How do you do yes/no questions using tarot?

There are those who say that it is impossible to do & then there are others who say that it can be done. I am the latter as I have tested various methods for myself for a month each to see which one works for me.

Method 1:
If you use upright only cards, this method may work for you.
Shuffle your deck like you usually do.
Lay out 5 cards.
If there are more cards of change or negative outcomes, those are a no.
For example maybe you get the 5 of Swords, XIX The Sun, 7 of Swords, 5 of Pentacles, XVII The Star.
Since 5 of Swords, 7 of Swords, 5 of Pentacles usually mean something negative or change, that would be a no answer.
If you get say 3 of Cups, 9 of Swords, I The Magician, Ace of Wands, 4 of Wands.
Then this would be a yes because you have more positive cards than negative.
What about the cards that show a balance like 2 of Pentacles, 2 of Swords, or how about the High Priestess or Hierophant? Those that show a stagnant energy where you have to pause and reflect I consider a “Maybe” as the energies are balanced and it isn’t going to go one way or another at this time. Maybe ask again in a week or two. Give some energies to play around a bit to see where things will take a turn. If you still keep getting a maybe answer, then either move away from the situation or try to find out how to improve the situation in your favor.

Method 2:
This one is my method and it works for me.
I do use reversals with most of my decks. I actually prefer it as it shows me the stagnant energy, energy that needs to be address, or a personality of a person that may not be right for my client. It just varies really, but anyway…how do I do yes or no?
Again I draw 5 cards.
Upright: yes
Reversals: no
If you don’t have a deck that does reversals, but want to try this then find a cheap deck to use for this purpose only & practice.

Method 3:
Buy a yes/no oracle deck or an 8 ball.
I am serious, don’t laugh!
There is a yes/no oracle deck that I know of called “Angel Answers” by Radleigh Valentine. This deck also has timing cards as well. I have it, I’ve tried it but sadly that doesn’t work for me. It may work for you however.
Even the Magic 8 Ball I have seen give accurate results to yes/no questions.
Don’t knock it till you tried it!

Try each method for a month and see which one gives you the best results & make sure you write down your results so you can compare to find out which method is best for you!

Hope this helps!
Blessings to you and yours,

Brandy 🙂

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Card of the Day for 12/27/18: 3 of Fire

Time to make that list of what you wish to accomplish in 2019. What do you need to do for your ship to come in? What are your goals to achieve success in your life for 2019? Time to start writing them down!

3 of Fire
Angel Tarot

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