I offer tarot, oracle, angel card readings. I can also assist in teaching you how to read the tarot, oracle, & angel cards. See my packages below.

My Tarot & Oracle readings resemble the XVIII The Moon card. You only see what you either want to see or can only see. I lift the veil of darkness in order for you to choose to continue your path or to change it. Always know that you can change your direction. This is why a reading isn’t 100% accurate at times. Paths can change. People can change. So while I see a path for you currently, YOU have the power to change direction. My readings help bring clarity on your journey.  They can also bring about hidden truths you may have tried to hide in your life.

My readings are for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY & ALL SALES FINAL! I am not a party trick reader and take my services VERY SERIOUSLY!
I do not conduct readings that:

  • Health issues.
  • Court issues.
  • Pregnancy questions.
  • Lottery winning.

Since I do send out a picture of the reading, please let me know if you are sensitive to certain images or prefer a different deck. The decks I use for readings are:
The Starchild Tarot (most used)
The Radiant Waite Tarot
The Universal Waite Tarot
Guardian Angel Tarot (Very gentle deck & has meanings on the cards that you will see when I send a picture of your reading)
Angel Tarot
Fairy Tarot
Archangel Power Tarot
Deviant Moon Tarot
The Wild Unknown Tarot
Healing Light Tarot
Santa Muerte Tarot
Vampires’ Tarot of the Eternal Night

I do accept paypal, however you must e-mail me first at to see if I am available. I may be out of town or have other readings ahead of you. 

Please make sure to e-mail me first at with the reading of your choice before payment.

I accept phone and webchat readings on KEEN as well. I am mostly in webchat mode due to having a young child and when he is napping I am available for calls then.