Mercury Goes Direct Today! YAY!

I am so damn happy that Mercury is going direct today. Normally Mercury Retrograde doesn’t really affect me that much, but this time HOLY COW! Sites I have been on have been crashing, communication blocks on all levels, the feeling of being down emotionally. I think since the Full Moon will be in Pisces, I will have an emotional breakdown of just being joyful that I survived this monster of a retrograde.

My energy during this time has been so down and low. No matter how positive I tried to hold on, I was latching as hard as I could and still slipping off the ledge. Even my phone was acting strange with huge amounts of battery consumption unknown of the source. Maybe it was me…trying to drain everything in my path?

Plus the solar eclipse didn’t help either.

I am just glad this is all over. Mercury is going direct and I can finally breath after suffocating. I hope things are going well for you as well!

The Doreen Virtue Saga

Like the title? Well it seems that there are many who are upset with her and there are those who are embracing her. The Doreen Virtue Saga is about her changing her own religious views and path that she feels fits her life now. Which is fine. Go with it. Ya know.

However some are pissed off at her. Apparently there was a video, now deleted, that was posted that was more harsh into the work she did in the past that she regrets doing. Now I didn’t see this video so I can’t really go with what was said there, however, I can go with what I am feeling.

I understand both sides of this issue, and honestly this wasn’t handled right by her or Hayhouse. It left many confused and I understand that. It was just poorly announced and left many unanswered questions and answers. I did listen to Radleigh Valentine’s radio show titled “Can we all just get along” that had Doreen as a guest. It was to answer all the questions and they did. Many answers I knew from a long time ago anyway. She even answered the rough questions as well. She slapped her name on the tarot decks with Radleigh to help him start off his career. Which, and I agree with her, she really didn’t need to do that as he could have done it on his own. I love Radleigh and his energy is contagious. I wish he could be on every damn day as he brightens mine. He really seems like a very sincere, kind person. Anyhoot, listening to her and him talk was needed. If you believe what was said or not, that is for you and your path and journey.

Me? I did leave Doreen’s page on Facebook and I have yet to do so on Instagram (call it laziness). Not because of her, but of her path. I am not interested in the path she has taken. I respect her choice, but she isn’t in line with what I feel is right for me. Nothing personal and I wish her the best. However, I still employ some of her past teachings into my life because I believe in them myself. Angels and faeries being those teachings. I still use a few of her decks. There are some I bond well with and some I don’t. Ascended Masters is one of those decks I don’t bond with, which she has since stated she is wanting to redo. Sure it may be more “Christian” like and that is OK. I am not going to run out to get it though. I think I don’t bond with it because her purest heart wasn’t into it. I get that way with some decks if the creator just isn’t all for it and it can be felt at times. I still try to work with it from time to time to try to input my own energy in it, like I try with other decks I am not connecting to, but some just don’t click with me. Even though her heart wasn’t into the tarot decks, I still bonded with them because of Radleigh. He has put his heart and soul into them and I knew from the beginning that it was HIS creation not hers. Her name was just put on them to help him achieve success, which was later admitted on the radio show.

Both have stated on the radio show that the certificates that was received from the courses are still valid. They still hold true, even if the path has changed. So if you are wondering about that, it was confirmed.

I honestly feel that many were hurt, felt betrayed, felt used by the bombshell she laid to all and I understand that and can feel that as well. I feel that this was poorly handled as well which led to the confusion, betrayal feelings. But this is a lesson we must all understand. In a blink of a eye, a path can change for someone. Someone may feel they need to change their ways instantly. Even you. Even me. Don’t follow blindly. Know that at any given moment someone can change. Even so, there could be a hint of truth their past, present, and future path may bestow upon all of us. If you still believe in the past teachings or even part of them then so be it. Follow those if they fit how you feel. I believe no path is wrong and will lead all to the right way. Just as long as you aren’t harming others. 😉 Got to throw that tidbit in there.

I will continue to use some of her teachings, not all, that she gave. I will continue to use the decks that I feel a connection with. It will just be how I roll. Some felt she was fake, which I felt that in some points as well, but some points made sense to me. So it is all good. To Doreen, even though I doubt this will be read by her, I wish you the best. Sorry I can’t follow this journey with you, but I know you are following your own truth. Good luck to you!

And good luck to all. May you be blessed! 🙂

Wisdom of the Day for 09/01/17

Wisdom of the Day:
XVI The Tower
Chrysalis Tarot

You may be clinging onto an idea that isn’t for your best interest. You are being asked to deconstruct this idea and rebuild. Where is it not growing? Where do you see the issue that is making your goal unattainable?


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Wisdom of the Day for 08/29/17

Wisdom of the Day:
5 of Water
3 of Water (jumper)
Good Tarot

Life is full of ebb and flow. You may be sad or feeling grief at this time. Not seeing the light around you. Celebrate yourself today. Talk to your close friends or family about what troubles you. Allow them to help you and celebrate the joy knowing when you are down, you have others by your side.


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Wisdom of the Day for 08/28/17

Wisdom of the Day:
17 Heal
Psychic Tarot for the Heart Oracle Deck

Forgive others so the chains can be broken and you can heal. Have hope that things will improve. Be optimistic about you and your relationships.


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Wisdom of the Day for 08/26/17

Wisdom of the Day:
Page of Swords, Reversed
The Radiant Waite Tarot

You may deal with someone who is all talk and no action. Someone who isn’t speaking the truth or even their truth. Vibrating on a low level. Maybe a bit bratty throwing a temper tantrum.


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Wisdom of the Day for 08/22/17

Wisdom of the Day:
10 of Wands
The Starchild Tarot
You may feel weighed down with too many responsibilities. You may need to ask for help or cut out the tasks that may be hindering you. You may also feel oppressed. Look at this situation fully. If it is too much hard work, you may need to trim out the excess.


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Wisdom of the Day for 08/21/17

Wisdom of the Day:
3 of Pentacles
The Deviant Moon Tarot
Working together to create something wonderful. Maybe ask for help for the task at hand. Go over plans with another.


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Weekly Reading for 08/21/17 to 08/27/17

This week’s reading I am using Crystal Visions Tarot!

Here is your weekly reading for 08/21/17 to 08/27/17.

Situation: 2 of Swords, Reversed
You can finally see clearly this week. It could be the energies of the solar eclipse giving you the insights you need to get out of the rut you have been in for awhile. I think we all have been in a rut in some form or another for a couple of years. This is the time to definitely start on that project. Get the engine going. Make those plans. Work on making progress in your career. This is the time! You are getting the green light so if you have been waiting for that sign…

Challenge: 10 of Wands
Yes I know you have been feeling stressed and over burdened lately with these energies and day to day situations. It is time to cut through these burdens and to take on what you feel is needed and let go of what isn’t. It is time to lighten the load of the stress you and others have put on you. You are only one person. Others need to understand that. Clear away the extra baggage that is holding you down.

Advice: 10 of Pentacles
All this push forward will help create a legacy for a solid foundation. This can be a very prosperous time for you and your family, but you need to take the first steps for it to succeed. You can do this. You just have to let go of the doubts. Create a plan. Watch some youtube videos. Join some groups. Learn all you can to create the life you see yourself in. It is now time! Don’t let this pass you by.

Outcome: 3 of Cups
Celebration! Simply put! You will  be celebrating the accomplishments you have made in this situation. You will find true happiness. You just have to get started and work on making it work for you. Succeed. Have a party for no reason when you make the first success of your plan a reality.