New Moon in Leo Intention Plan

Well we have a New Moon in Leo today so I have decided to come up with a spell to do for an “Intention Plan”. I must say that I am in need of this at the moment.

I have felt that I have lost my way, my fire, my passion in some aspects. I am not sure when or how it happened. The confidence that I had has diminished. My boyfriend sees it.

It is mostly because I have been doubting my path. I have sought the council within me, aka my spirit guide tribe, but no answer to this dilemma. It is like I am ignored and in need to find my own way here on this journey. At least that is what it feels like. Meditation hasn’t brought answers. It has been dead silence when I try to converse with my path, but if a different topic seems to emerge, then my spirit guide tribe is all over that shit like a hungry lioness devouring her meal…not knowing when the next may come.

So I have gotten some ideas from a few sources and I am combining the mix. I am using tarot, runes, intention wish list, herbs, and chants to try to bring back the person I lost. The person I miss most, ME!

I have my intentions in my mind of how this next moon cycle shall proceed. It will be a challenge and I am going to give myself each day to work on coming out of my comfort zone. If I can put the effort in, who can’t say I won’t succeed?

I am also testing this out as an experiment as well. If I can make this work for me, imagine what it can do for YOU! I never offer anything unless I have tried it out first. Mostly because I want to make sure it works. As long as an effort is there, why not? If both energies combine, with intention set, where will it lead?

Once I find the answer, I will work with you to make sure you can also achieve your own passions and desires.

Till that time comes…let the experiment on myself begin!

Happy New Moon in Leo everyone!

Never Piss Off a Witch! Never!

So today as I woke up at 4:44AM MST, got my morning go go juice aka coffee, pulled my daily card which was Messenger of Fire, I decided to go ahead and check my e-mail.

I got a request for a spell to reverse time. Cute! Yea sure, I will give you a spell that will fuck up everyone else just so you get what you want. Lovely. I told her nope as that affects all and advised her to go to Archangel Metatron to help her slow time, but know that it won’t last very long. Her reply was “Bitch” and that was that.

*sigh* As if I haven’t been called worse things, but she must have me in a class of Witches who bless with love and light no matter what.


I am a Celestial, Storm, Gray Witch. The part that should be ‘oh my’ is the part that says “gray”.  A gray knows there is balance within magic, nature, the world, and beyond. The motto of “Do no harm, but take no shit” is our creed.  So I just said this to myself:
May the mirror reflect her true self so she may see what she needs to change for happiness to flow.

Not to harm, but to awaken the soul within and not take the shit. Sure I was too nice, but ya know you have to have a tad bit of compassion and pity for souls that do not know what or who they are dealing with.
Do not summon what ye can’t banish!

So I advise not to summon a Witch, call a Witch a name, and expect to be blessed with love, light, unicorns, & glitter as it won’t fly for some.