It’s a Win-Win!

I have a lot to blog about, so in the next few days expect to get some insight that I have discovered within myself as of late.

I want to talk about, however, recent events. Hayhouse is having a huge $7/deck sale that ends today. I bought a few. The Guardian Angel Tarot (yes I know over power of sweetness, but I am hoping it will help in relationship readings where things are very sensitive, plus I love vintage art), Angels of Abundance, & Talking to Heaven (as I want to work on mediumship so I am hoping this can spark the flame). Anyway I purchased these decks as it was a calling to do so. Then last night as I dreamed this card appeared to me. I didn’t know the meaning of the card other than it was the same as XIV Temperance. So I looked it up & this is what it said. I take that as a win for buying these decks.

I still have to purchase my friend’s deck she has as I am saving slowly for that one. Unexpected bills got in the way & I kept getting a pull to get these decks so we shall see.

Things are going in a positive direction for December which I am thanking the universe for.

Like I said I have more to talk about which I will in due time.

Have a great weekend & a wonderful start for the month!

Dear Bashers, I don’t care…

Hello my friends!

Today’s topic…as if I have been writing everyday with a certain topic…err…scratch that. How about topic of the week? I really need to do something like that, eh? ANYHOOT, let’s talk about bashers! Those in the phone/webchat psychic, tarot, medium world know what I mean. Basically they are those who bash other readers by leaving 1 or 2 stars usually with rude feedback because:

  • They are another psychic, tarot reader, medium who wants to compete & win top spot so they will bash their competitors using another account name to do so.
  • They wish that they had a psychic gift of some sort & are jealous so they demean others that do.
  • They are skeptics & want to test the psychic.
  • They are bored.
  • They want an answer that is what is true in their mind, but hate when it is the opposite so they feel hatred that things aren’t going the way they want them to.

There are probably more reasons, but these are the common ones. True there are some really bad readers out there. That are just in this gig to make money & feel it is easy money. I’m not going to deny that, but most are not. Like me for instance. I am here to help others in their life when it seems confusing. I love using my tarot & oracle cards to guide others in making the changes in their lives to move forth.

Some readers have created a list of names to watch out for certain platforms. All you have to do is google search the platform name and add “bashers” to it and you can find a few webpages that list them & there is a LOT of them.

The dilemma I usually have in regards to these people is that I wonder do I take the chat/call & get the 1 or 2 star with the rude feedback to be shown on my listing or do I just deny & block & still get the loss of points, but no feedback to be shown. No matter what I will lose points. Sad, but true. I always know they are a basher because my psychic senses tingle at me when I see their name dinging at me. Their energy is all over the damn place & I haven’t even started chatting with them yet. I always know. I used to search their names first on the basher lists to see if my feelings were correct & they always were. Yes always…not making that shit up.  So now I search after.

I used to just deny & block the person. Noticed I said “used to”. Now I just do the reading & take their money. The refunds doesn’t come out of my pocket. Plus feedback is comical at times. I know my skills. I know what I am good at & not good at. I know some skills I test out on friends before I have a go in the public arena. So yes I am taking your money for the energy you spent on me & having to deal with you. Either way I am dealing with your energy as you ding in my webchat or call monitor, might as well be compensated for it.

One time I had a 30 minute chat that was just all over the place. The energy was everywhere. No focus what so ever & no matter what I said didn’t please this person. They left a 1 star with extremely colorful feedback. But I got the money as I knew they would be abusive & it didn’t bother me. But that feedback got buried by clients that to this day still come to me for advice. It just gets buried. *POOF* So another reason why…

Dear Bashers,

I don’t care…

What if…

What if…
The energies of this world make the soul crave the way things were in a previous life?
To be the old gender…
To be the old race…
To be on the old path…
To be in the old country…
What if…
There are really those that don’t feel that they fit into the life they were put in?
They were put in a life, in a body, in a race, in a path, in a country, in order to try to change our view to accept all no matter the gender, the race, the path, the country…to be as one? As a whole? Instead of being divided?
And it is all treated as a “mental illness”?
What if this is God/dess, Universe, Creator, Divine’s way of waking up humanity or at least trying to?
That we must love each other. Help each other. Embrace each other…
What if?

Adjusting the Sails to Where I Want to Be

There are some truths in life that we may not want to admit to. Pride may come in, with a hint of Ego, to tell you that you should proceed one way over the other. We listen to the Pride/Ego mix until we are faced with our actions first hand.

But this is how we learn.

This is how we grow.

I am working on adjusting the sails to where I want to be in life. It isn’t easy. I feel like I am in a laboratory trying to figure out the complex formula of my life. Mixing…taking things out…leaving things in…adding new ideas…removing bad ones…just trying to find the right balance for me to achieve my goals and dreams.

It is hard at times to decipher how we should proceed in life. Trial and error always seem to rule.

Today I have made that realization. I need to find the right mix with the right consistency in order for my life to flourish in the ways I see. I see myself living in a beautiful home, new vehicle, a huge yard for my son to play in, near a beach.

I need water!

I miss being near the ocean. When I was younger lived in Gulfport, MS, oh how I loved the beach. The waves. The smell. Yes I loved the smell back then. Sometimes I think to myself I would sell my soul just to feel the waves crashing, the sand to stick to my feet, the salty air to hit my face. But I wouldn’t go THAT far for what I desire no matter how great of a need I seek.

I can get there…I will get there. I will have my dream home. My dream car. My dream beach. I am just adjusting my sails in hopes that I will get there sooner than later.

I also want to be a hope for others who are doing what they love. Making their passion a reality. That yes, you too, can achieve your dreams. Just have to go slow, adjust accordingly, and allow life to take you for the ride. 😉

Good Luck to you!

Brandy 🙂