Weekly Guidance Reading for 04/09/18 to 04/15/18

Here is your weekly guidance reading for 04/09/18 to 04/15/18.

This week I am using “Unicorn Oracle” & “Crystal Unicorn Tarot”. It does seem to be a very emotional draining week. But on the plus side, Mercury Retrograde will be over on the 15th.

Theme this week is: Magic, Delight, Support
Normally I draw one card for the theme, but Magic & Delight were jumpers. Meaning they jumped out as I was shuffling so I included them in the reading. Magic card has been stalking me personally so maybe it is a reminder for me or wants to be told for you as well.
It is important to believe in miracles & that magic does exist. Magic may surround you this week to where you can make things happen in your favor. Delight in everything this week, even the small things that may seem insignificant. Count your blessings as well. Remember there are those who don’t have what you do in your life. Clothes, food, transportation. Take pleasure for the simple things in life. You also need to remember to take care of yourself. Don’t allow others to drain you of your energy this week. Ask for help or get more rest if needed.

Situation: Queen of Cups, Reversed
Others may be taking your generosity for their own personal gain. They may be draining you of your own psychic energy & power. It is important to try to create boundaries within you and around you. Self care.

Challenge: Knight of Cups
You may want to do what you love & you feel that you can’t accomplish that. With so many coming to you with their own problems, you can’t see about working on your own path. Trying to make others happy while you are stuck in the middle.

Advice: 9 of Cups, Reversed
This is the wish card when it is not reversed. Here it sits with it’s energy drained. Feeling hopeless as if your dreams or wishes won’t come true. It is important to remember you are magic & can create the life you so desire. You need to create your boundaries & do some self care. It is also important to notice the lil details in life & marvel at their existence. Be thankful for everything that comes forth. Work on turning this card into a more positive where dreams become reality.

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Weekly Card Reading for 03/26/18 to 04/01/18

Here is your weekly card reading for 03/26/18/ to 04/01/18

I am using The Starchild Tarot Akashic edition in the large size for this card reading.

Energies coming in: II The High Priestess, Reversed.
So the beginning of this week you are going to be feeling like you need some alone time. To just be with yourself, your thoughts. It is going to be a very heavy energy type of week so it is important to step back & look within. To meditate. Do some self care. Work on you basically. You may have given most of your energy to others, now it is time to work on you. And you should. You shouldn’t neglect.

Advice: 3 of Cups, Reversed
Turn off social media. Let your friends & family know that you are taking some time away from social media, social gatherings, you need time for yourself. If you are in a situation, like me, where you are a stay at home mother & it is hard to even have time away from your little family, try to schedule some meditation during bath time or when the kids are asleep. This time is for you. Let your house be messy for a day, just let it be your time. Try to set aside 15 minutes of just you alone. It will be beneficial.

Outcome: 10 of Cups
Doing these things will help you to engage better with family, friends, coworkers. You will create a more positive home/family/career life by taking the time out to focus upon yourself. It may seem selfish at first, but you will realize that this is what you really needed this week. Plus with Mercury Retrograde, this is also the perfect time to refresh, review, renew.

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Have a wonderful & blessed week!

Brandy 🙂

Weekly Reading for 08/21/17 to 08/27/17

This week’s reading I am using Crystal Visions Tarot!

Here is your weekly reading for 08/21/17 to 08/27/17.

Situation: 2 of Swords, Reversed
You can finally see clearly this week. It could be the energies of the solar eclipse giving you the insights you need to get out of the rut you have been in for awhile. I think we all have been in a rut in some form or another for a couple of years. This is the time to definitely start on that project. Get the engine going. Make those plans. Work on making progress in your career. This is the time! You are getting the green light so if you have been waiting for that sign…

Challenge: 10 of Wands
Yes I know you have been feeling stressed and over burdened lately with these energies and day to day situations. It is time to cut through these burdens and to take on what you feel is needed and let go of what isn’t. It is time to lighten the load of the stress you and others have put on you. You are only one person. Others need to understand that. Clear away the extra baggage that is holding you down.

Advice: 10 of Pentacles
All this push forward will help create a legacy for a solid foundation. This can be a very prosperous time for you and your family, but you need to take the first steps for it to succeed. You can do this. You just have to let go of the doubts. Create a plan. Watch some youtube videos. Join some groups. Learn all you can to create the life you see yourself in. It is now time! Don’t let this pass you by.

Outcome: 3 of Cups
Celebration! Simply put! You will  be celebrating the accomplishments you have made in this situation. You will find true happiness. You just have to get started and work on making it work for you. Succeed. Have a party for no reason when you make the first success of your plan a reality.

Weekly Reading for 08/14/17 to 08/20/17

Weekly Reading for 08/14/17 to 08/20/17

What can I say? I had to work with the Halloween themed decks today. I am feeling that energy even though I know it is early for it. Still, I feel it needs to be brought forth!  I am using the Halloween Oracle and the Halloween Tarot.

Theme: Barmbrack, Sweetness and Synergy
It’s important to keep your thoughts and energies intact. Looking at only one thing in your life isn’t how you should be focusing. Think of what your choices do for you, your environment as a whole. That is the theme for this coming week. Especially with Mercury Retrograde here. You need to focus and revision your life right now. Don’t be too hasty. Think about what your choices can bring.

Energies Now: Ace of Imps (Wands), Reversed.
You may be feeling scattered and there is no motivation for you to continue on your path. You may feel what is the use of taking charge of the situation when it doesn’t come to your favor. There is no longer a spark in your life and you may be feeling dull.

Challenge: 4 of Bats (Swords)
Resting is important now than ever. So you can clear your mind and work on your path. You may be feeling that this is harder than it seems. Lots of energy going around you, lots of brain activity with thoughts. The need of clarity is needed right now and this is a must thing to do. You need to rest and meditate so you can ground and revision your path to how you want it to go.

Advice: Page of Imps (Wands), Reversed.
This is more of a warning than advice with the last two cards. You need to get this negative, pessimistic thought out of your head that you aren’t good enough or what is the point. It is important that you think big for big things to happen in your life. The moment you start with the negative vibration or attitude is the moment you will fall. It’s understandable that this may seem like a huge task for you, but you can make anything happen. Stop with being at the lower vibration and work on being at a higher one. Be assertive with your needs, wants, desires. If you are rejected, know that is Spirits’ protection for you! Move on to the next challenge.

XIX The Sun, Reversed
OK let’s say you ignored the warning above. What could possibly happen? Well lack of success. Worry. Depression may set in. This is why it is important to be optimistic in your goals and not give up! We need to turn this card around to where there is happiness, there is success, there is a bright future for you! Sitting there worrying won’t help you out. This is why you need to vibrate higher. Create a affirmation to help you be positive. Revision your life and situation. Again, if you are rejected know that is Spirits’ protection for you. It could be love, career, promotions…what have you. You may have thought you really want it, but maybe the time isn’t right or something is better. Maybe you need to be more open to the possibilities in your life. Maybe what you think you want isn’t really what you need. There is always a reason. The more you vibrate higher positive affirmations, the faster and better your life will be. You will flourish!

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Weekly Reading for 07/24/17 to 07/30/17

Here is your Weekly Reading for 07/24/17 to 07/30/17.

I am using the Universal Waite Tarot for this week’s tarot reading.

5 of Wands, Reversed
It may seem that the conflict going on within you or around you has ceased, but the truth of the matter is that someone or an energy force within you has just given up. Tired of the fight and wants to just end this affair. They feel that their viewpoint isn’t worth it or maybe you feel that the fight for what you seek isn’t worth the hassle.

9 of Pentacles
This card is basically confirming the above. You want comfort, peace, but what is that really worth to you? Is it worth that you give up your dreams or ambitions? Is it really worth letting go of the path you feel so strongly going towards?

10 of Cups, Reversed
Who cares if no one is supporting you? Who cares if someone is voicing their opinion to you to stop doing what you want to do or feel a calling to do? This may even come from a family member or your ego trying to make you feel worthless and that your ideas are a joke. Let go of that fear. Simply let go. After all, we are under a New Moon in Leo. Set your intentions and fly!

2 of Pentacles
Yes it will seem to be a juggling match between doing what you want and trying to take care of what your needs are. But it will be worth it in the end. The chaos going on in the background is just that, chaos. Your ego or family may want to distract you from your pursuit for happiness, just let them be. Focus on you. You got this. You will find balance within to help you succeed in your life.


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Weekly Tarot Reading for 06/19/17 to 06/25/17

We are getting hit double time this week! We have the Summer Solstice on Tuesday and a SUPER New Moon on Friday! I thought since Summer brings in the Fairies, that it would be a good time to converse with them for the weekly tarot reading this week! Let’s see what these playful, mischievous, nature beings want us to know!

For this weekly tarot reading, I used “Healing with the Fairies” by Doreen Virtue as the theme and “Fairy Tarot” by Radleigh Valentine & Doreen Virtue for the insights.

Theme: Kick Up Your Heels
Can you even guess the theme? Look good and hard here? What do you see in this card? The unicorn is being playful and having fun! Childlike fun. When is the last time you had fun? Apparently it has been a debate from what the other cards show. Let’s get into that as this week is all about having fun and being playful.

Energy: 2 of Winter
You have been debating on things to do. Should you do this, do that? Is this the right path? You are being pulled in different directions unknown what path to go. What choice would make YOU happy? You can always go a different route you know?

Challenge: 4 of Summer
The answer you seek is RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF YOU! Are you paying attention? Are you ignoring the signs? Are you asking for a sign and not accepting it? Is ego in your way? More than likely so. You may also seem discontent with life as if it isn’t going as well as you plan. This is where the fun needs to come in. Need to make life more fun.

Advice: 4 of Autumn
You can’t take your money with you and yet you may feel you have to hold on to every damn dime that is in your hands. This is also a sign that you are valuing greed over fun. The advice here is to HAVE MORE FUN! There are ways you can have fun for free. Walking in your neighborhood. Go to the mall and browse. Go to a local beach if possible. Get out of the house and live a little. Feel free and not confined. Really look at the nature around you. Bushes, plants, trees. Just sit on the grass and watch how nature works! Get out and have some fun! Even a few moments staring at the stars at night can help boost you! Empower YOU this week. Have some fun. If it is raining jump in a puddle. Walk in the rain. Bask in the sun for a few minutes. Feel like a kid again and remember that FREE feeling!

Weekly Reading for 05/29/17 to 06/04/17

Weekly Reading for 05/29/17 to 06/04/17

This week be prepared to overcome your obstacles. Know that the only way to go is up!

This reading kinda runs together like a sentence for this week. You may have felt you needed to rest your mind, body, and soul this week (4 of Swords), because you had to take charge of certain situations and still are defending your choices (9 of Wands).  Know that you are ready to create something new or have a new start this week (III The Empress) and the only way to go is up (10 of Swords) as the clouds are finally departing from your situation.

Weekly Reading 05/15/17 to 05/21/17

Warning: This weeks reading shows that there is a lot of energy all over the place. So for this weekly reading please try to refrain from conflicts if possible. Unless you need to be assertive for your own needs.  Using Deviant Moon Tarot.

Energies coming in: 10 of Wands, Reversed.
You want to have no anxiety, no stress. You seek to release your burdens and not worry.
Challenge: Page of Cups, Reversed.
Be aware there are going to be those who are immature and try to ruin your parade. May even try to ruin your happiness. Could even be a spoiled child in your life.
Advice: Ace of Wands, Reversed.
No. Don’t do it. Don’t release your frustrations on others. You can be assertive, but make sure it won’t trigger a fuse within you to where you go crazy on them.
Outcome: 7 of Cups
There will be so many choices you can choose from to not engage in a fight or conflict. You can breath a lot easier as well. Remember you have choices and you have consequences of your choices. Weigh the good and bad before you decide which path to go to.

Weekly Tarot Reading for 05/08/17 to 05/14/17

Weekly Tarot Reading for 05/08/17 to 05/14/17 talks about coming into your own. Setting out your own journey and accept yourself for who you are.

I am feeling a bit of needing some angelic advice for this week’s reading so I went with “Healing with the Angels” oracle deck and “Angel Tarot”.

Self Acceptance talks about…well…accepting yourself. All the flaws, imperfections you may see are just divine perfections. They make you to be you. Being your true self and acknowledge that you are a wonderful being can help you achieve your highest potential.

2 of Fire aka 2 of Wands talks about setting out on your own. Being your own person. Walking your journey and looking to what the world may have in store for you.

Embrace yourself right now! Let go of fear and embrace your journey. Only you can walk the path. Only you can move forward in your life. Embrace you and look to what the world wants to offer you. This can be with home, career, love…the most important thing is to do what you wish to do and to forgive yourself for what you felt you lacked, but was a blessing in disguise.

Weekly Reading for 05/01/17 to 05/07/17

Weekly Reading for 05/01/17 to 05/07/17

Ace of Pentacles, Reversed
Radiant Waite Tarot
Just because this card is reversed doesn’t mean that it can’t be changed. Be aware of opportunities that present themselves to you. Also be positive for future endeavors. Keep a open mind to ideas that come your way. Reflect on positive financial affirmations. So flip this card upright.