Weekly Reading for 11/13/17 to 11/19/17

14 Truth be Told
Wisdom of the Oracle

It’s important to be true to who you are. Be authentic to attract those who want to be in your life, aka your tribe.
Get out of denial about the situation you are debating and notice the facts and signs.

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Charging a Tarot or Oracle Deck for an Intended Purpose

So yesterday I was thinking about crystals & their charged purpose. Why can’t we do that with tarot & oracle decks? Sure some of us have only 1 deck, but there are others out there that have a multitude of decks who are, in a sense, junkies. 😉 Me included in that list.

I’ve learned some of my decks prefer to be served for 1 purpose only. Others don’t care as long as they are getting in on the action. So I started thinking, since we can charge crystals for various purposes of a job, why not do the same with a deck?

So I did a test run with my Crystal Visions deck. It seems to enjoy doing love & relationship readings more. It will do other readings, but it loves working with relationships. So I cleared my deck of its energy, rearranged the cards to how they were when I got the deck. Put my own intentions & thoughts into the deck & shuffled it completely. So now it is just for Love & Relationships.

So I am going to be working on doing this with my other decks. Shadow work, career, life path, ancestor work, & so forth.

I thought this could be an idea for someone else to try out to see if it works out for them too.

Tarot Card of the Day: 11/06/17

Tarot Card of the Day:
3 of Cups
Crystal Visions Tarot

Friendships are important today. Coming together with a common goal. Celebrate achievements that have come forward. Share the joy with friends.

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Weekly Reading for 11/06/17 to 11/12/17

Weekly Reading for 11/06/17 to 11/12/17I’m using Crystal Visions Tarot.

Energies: Ace of Swords
Truth shall be coming out which will help bring clarity to certain situations in your life. Just know the truth can be brutal and blunt.

Challenge: 9 of Swords
Feeling doubtful or negative about everything that had transpired so far. Wanting to stay in your comfort zone.

Advice: King of Wands
Take charge of your situation. Don’t sit around waiting for things to change. Grab life by the horns and take charge. Be a leader. Listen to the truth and gain true clarity to take the lead.

Card of the Day: 10/31/17

Card of the Day: 10/31/17
Interesting combo.
Skull of Flowers
Halloween Oracle
IX The Hermit
The Halloween Tarot
Rise up like the Phoenix and start again fresh. After research and experimenting, I can finally find the way that is right for me.

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Having the “Downs”

I have been not feeling up to task lately. I am wanting to work on my business more, work on getting myself out there more, but things haven’t been going the way I had hoped. All predictions for Aquarius this month made me feel eager, ready to go, positive, but it is hard when you others just either don’t understand or just forget. So I have had to rethink this again.

What are my goals?
Can I make them?
Do I start from scratch AGAIN or just pick up where I left off?
How to get others in my life to understand?

Challenges & challenging.
I am the type of person that goes through stages when dealing with others.
Asking, pleading, nagging, then the angry woman. Why do I always have to go to the angry woman to get the point across & even so it lasts for like a day or 2?

So as I was thinking about this all yesterday, I have decided on a few things.
No matter what, no one here listens. I am talking to deaf ears, broken oath givers, & selfish egos.
I am on my own, so be on my own. Do my own thang & screw the consequences.
One site I will start from scratch, the rest I am keeping things how they are.
Keeping a business journal for each site I am using. Won’t be easy to remember, but I am going to do my best.
I want to be active on blogging & social media. I am going to try to work on that in November. Card of the day & so forth. Honestly, I just didn’t have it in me as I felt defeated.

I am going to try to rise from the ashes, create a personal affirmation for me for the day, & try to move forth with a smile on my fucking face. Even though I feel I want to just crawl under a rock & stay there till the end of days. Like I said, I haven’t been feeling the best.

I cut off much communication from my guides. I hear them, I just needed my own way to think things through first. Aquarius loves independence & working on their own problems. We hardly ever ask for help or take the help received.

Most of all…I miss how I was. How I used to be. I wonder what happened to her at times? Where did she go? I am doing my best to find her again & bring her back to life. There are things I have done, that a person with lack of confidence wouldn’t have done & I used to be that girl. It just seems the past 3 years it just gets more & more like I have lost her. I keep pulling the Queen of Wands & damn it I need to get back to that firey flame. I have even thought about dyeing my hair a vibrant red just to re-enforce this.

Time will tell…

It’s been a while…

It has been a while & I have no excuses.

Other than weird things have been happening & I found myself in a downward spiral of chaotic situations.  I have been doing readings. I have been working on a few things here & there. Mostly, I have been trying to figure out what to do with my business honestly. I hit a serious plateau where nothing was moving overall. Life in general had me at a stalemate. It happens.

Plus I have been having new clients coming to me, overly obsessed with their situation, that they are upset that what not just one psychic told them but many. They are getting different answers to their questions. Well why are you asking again? Why are you so obsessed? Why are you thinking so fear-based & negative? In many cases I have had XV The Devil show his presence which is obsession. Being bound to something even though you have the means to release. The chains are loose, but they continue to be plagued with their obsession.

If this is you or you know someone like this, this is what has to happen:
Ask your question.
Get your answer.
Let go & allow Divine timing.
Can’t let go? Breath in & out deeply 3 times while saying, “I trust the Universe. I let go what I am holding onto.”
Say it as many times as you need to. Even if it was just a minute ago. Until you feel calm. Let it go. Eventually things will go your way or not. Depending on how much negative, fear based thought you gave the situation.

This is something we are not taught to do. It is something we must do. It is something I have learned on my own hiatus that I needed to do. You can’t control others or the actions. You just have to let go & put the faith out there that things will be better for you.

I will be coming back to the main scene. I will try to blog once a week. I am working on creating a business plan for myself. I have taken a bunch of free workshops, but nothing seems to progress for me doing what is recommended. So I am creating my own plan. It seems that their standards & mine don’t combine well. LOL So I am doing my own thang.

I am planning on November’s sales & yes I will be doing a Black Friday sale. I will also be offering some free minutes to my Keen clients too.

Details later…

New Schedule

So I am regrettably having to change my schedule. This is due in part of having a very rambunctious almost 2 year old that I watch during the day. Can’t really concentrate on tarot readings while he is running the show. LOL I am going to be on Fortunica majority of the time, so that won’t change. Plus answer questions as fast as I can there when I get a moment. As far as doing web chat tarot readings for Keen, Zodiac Psychics, & Pisces Psychics, I am changing the hours for it. I am hoping to be able to stay available later than what is listed, but I can’t make any guarantees. Mostly due to my young son.

New Schedule:
Fri-Tues: 5PM-9PM MST (or later)
Wed-Thurs: 12PM-9PM MST (or later)

I am hoping these new hours will be beneficial. There will be some days where I can’t do any readings or that I am running errands and won’t be on till a certain time, but keep an eye on my twitter account in case I remember to post a update on that. LMAO! I know I can be forgetful at times. 😉

These hours are starting today.

Have a good day and week!

Holding Spiritual Teachers, and Yourself, Accountable

As I sit here, wading through the disgruntled voices of being “duped” by a spiritual teacher, I wondered a bit about my own feeling about holding spiritual teachers accountable for their actions. Yes I am talking about the headline in the new age spiritual community of Doreen Virtue. And yes many of you are going on saying “I told ya so” including my own intuition.

When I first came across her, deep down I felt a fishiness from her. That something was off, but hey, I liked her decks. I connected with the majority of them. I connect with the deck, not the creator. Besides all the time and energy I infused in them, yes I still use them at times.

Then I was interested in her courses. Even though, deep down, that damn intuition of mine was screaming from a megaphone, I ignored it. I bought a few of her courses. I confused ego with intuition. I thought it was my ego yelling at me to not do this. After all she would talk about not feeding the ego. Even though the dialect was different, I assumed it was my ego. The negative talk. I was blinded by trying to shut what I thought was ego up. Going with my “highest good”. I never questioned it, even though I should have.  I really should have.

So she changed her path. Fine good for her. She is finding what works for her.  Doing my own research. Watching her videos, even the one that was deleted, has my intuition screaming at full force saying “TOLD YOU SO”! She is downplaying those who are being negative as having “lower vibration energy” and basically talking from the ego standpoint. I will probably be accused of doing such a thing. I am here to say, umm no. I am talking from looking at it objectively and what I have seen. Plus my intuition is being a bitch to me.

Many people have posted up some screen shots of their ordeals. Screenshots seem to be valuable in dealing with Doreen Virtue as things are quickly deleted in groups. There are those who are questioning her methods of how much money really is going to the sanctuary and now since she is getting rid of it, saying she can’t afford it anymore, things aren’t adding up. Also hateful notes along with reimbursement sent to those who are demanding a refund for her courses since her “transition”.  They want to hold her accountable, which yes I agree. If I were to ask for a refund it would be for the courses I took. But I am not asking for a refund. So why not?

Because I should have listened to my intuition. It was MY fault that I ignored my own higher self. It was my fault that I followed a spiritual teacher, blindly, ignoring the signs that something was off. It was my fault for not listening to myself. It is a lesson, I need to learn. I confused ego energy with intuition. I am not speaking from lower energies. I am speaking my truth. The truth I have seen, the truth I have heard, the truth I feel.

This is why if you feel a nudge not to do something, don’t do it.

If you feel the nudge to do something, then do it.

It is important to listen to your higher self.