Card of the Day for 04/06/18

Card of the Day:
King of Swords
The Crystal Unicorn Tarot
Be fair today. Thinking with your head and not your heart. May be unemotional. Choices today require a balance. You may need to be an authority figure.

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Card of the Day for 04/05/18

Card of the Day:
Ace of Cups
The Crystal Unicorn Tarot

New love or a rekindled love. This can also mean you have let go of the past to welcome in new love into your life. Love is all you need even if you only love yourself. Can also mean a birth as well. Proposal. Allowing yourself to receive love.

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Card of the Day for 04/04/18

Card of the Day:
8 of Cups
The Crystal Unicorn Tarot

You may realize a situation you are in does not serve you. Maybe toxic relationships with friends, family, co workers. Maybe your job is draining you. Maybe you feel a pull or a call to a different spiritual path. You feel the pull to leave. To see what is behind the horizon. Is it better than now? Only way to find out is to take that journey. Leave what isn’t making you happy to find a place that will. To find your true self.
Unicorn card readings available at:

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Card of the Day for 04/03/18

Card of the Day:
4 of Cups, Reversed
The Vampires’ Tarot of the Eternal Night

Starting to notice the signs from Spirit, Angels, or the Universe. Start waking up to the possibilities.

On a personal note, I’m going to do a dream interpretation reading as I’ve been having dreams of hearing a knock on the door. I know what it means generally, but I’m going to see if there is a different message that I’m not getting.

Card of the Day for 04/02/18

Card of the Day:
10 of Wands, Reversed
The Vampires’ Tarot of the Eternal Night

The burdens you carry will become lighter especially if you ask for help. Don’t take on too much today. If you can’t do something then say something. Allow the weight to come off your shoulders.

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Card of the Day for 04/01/18

Card of the Day:
XVI The Tower
Vampires’ Tarot of the Eternal Night

Well alright then. Things are going to feel as though they are crumbling around you or maybe you have torn down your plans to rebuild a more solid foundation. Expect some turbulence today as things are going to change. You may like it or you may hate it. Whatever the case may be, know that this is a wake up call for you. Don’t look at it as a negative like many do. Find the light as the tower comes tumbling down. There is always a positive in a negative situation. I know we sometimes can’t see that when we go through a traumatic experience. Feeling our world just collapsed. Take the time to grieve then look at how this can positively change your life.

Monthly Card Reading for April

Reading for April
Theme: Action
Oracle of the Unicorns
7 of Swords, Queen of Pentacles, & Knight of Swords
Crystal Unicorn Tarot

Have you been feeling the strong need lately to leave your comfort zone and to take action in your life or in an area in your life? Here’s the sign. You can’t take on the world or make your dreams happen if you are just sitting in your comfort zone. You need to take action and make your dreams a reality. Bring them to life. April is action month. Create your plan then go.

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Card of the Day for 03/30/18

Card of the Day:
Knight of Chalices, Reversed
Nefertari Tarot

Moodiness will take the lead today. Lots of emotions are flaring up in many. Mercury (Jerkury) Retrograde plus a Blue Moon will be upon us. It’s imperative that before you open your mouth that you think before you talk today even if someone else is being a Negative Nancy to you. Don’t add gas to the already charged up fire.

New Schedule

Hello everyone!

Well it seems there is a schedule change yet again. My boyfriend FINALLY got a decent schedule to where he will have two days off in a row. So my schedule for webchat & phone sessions will change as well due to this so here is what it will be:
Monday-Wednesday & Saturday-Sunday: 9AM to 3:45PM MST & 6PM to 9PM MST.
Thursday & Friday: 9AM to 9PM MST

This will start on April 1 & there may be times when my boyfriend needs to do mandatory overtime, but when I know I will let you know. 🙂

Also don’t forget that on April 1st, my new pricing structure for readings will start. Plus I have new readings to add to offer to you if you are interested.

Have a great week!

Brandy 🙂

Card of the Day: Ace of Cups, Reversed

Card of the Day:
Ace of Cups, Reversed
The Starchild Tarot
Feeling loneliness or sadness. Things not going as one hoped. Love not being returned.
Try to find out why. Are you giving yourself too much to others? Are you so desperate for love you will accept anyone no matter the cost to your own self respect?
You are loveable.
You are worthy.
Never settle.
Let go of the toxic and embrace your true self and desires. Cut the cords from the past. Only then will the right kind of love will come forth.

New pricing structure will start in April for my tarot readings, plus new readings to come.