About The Moon Mystic

My name is Brandy. I live in Pueblo, Colorado. I am engaged and have a small son.

Astrology wise, I am an Aquarius with Pisces Moon & Midheaven, Cancer Ascendant. Some would call that a Spiritual Mother and Counselor.

As a type of tarot and oracle card reader, I am psychic intuitive empath. I mostly hear what I need to tell you as I read the cards. Yes I use cards as a tool for my readings. I have been at this since about 15 years old. I used to use poker cards, but fell in love with tarot’s imagery. I enjoy helping others find their path when they feel they are lost. I do have a knack for love and relationship readings. I have always been a person others come to for advice, even strangers off the street before I went professional. I believe honesty is the best policy. I have certification from Doreen Virtue for Angel Card Readings.

I am not a party trick reader so if you can’t spend enough time with me to get your reading and ask questions, then I am not for you. I recommend at least 5 minutes. I am a professional tarot reader. I have 25+ years experience under my belt. I will not give you a fairy tale outcome unless that is what I get and that is rare. I am blunt, to the point honest. If you can’t handle honesty, I am not the reader for you. I am a Certified Angel Card Reader, but prefer my darker decks for readings such as “The Vampires’ Tarot of the Eternal Night,” “Deviant Moon Tarot,” & “Wisdom of the Night Oracle” because they bring the unknown/truth to the front of the reading. I do read angel cards on my angel card reading listing only. I also use Universal Waite and others that I feel are appropriate as I am also a tarot and oracle deck junkie. 🙂

To best describe my tarot and oracle readings is to think of them as XVIII The Moon card. The moon only highlights what we want to see and not what is truly hidden in the depths. My readings reveal those hidden truths. It is up to you what you do with that information. Take the advice or leave it. You are in control. Tarot and oracle readings give a guidance point.

BEFORE YOU ASK: “How do they feel about me?” Consider that is like spying on someone’s phone, e-mail, mail. If you can’t ask them directly yourself, then a relationship with the person will falter due to being too scared to communicate and be assertive with your own desires and needs. If you truly want me to answer that question, then take the Karma with it. A tarot reading is to empower YOU and not to allow others to have power over you and that is what this question does.

I will not predict a pregnancy or lottery. Those are chance situations.

I will not answer questions about health or legal matters.

I will not tell you WHO will be your next relationship or WHAT COMPANY will hire you. Tarot doesn’t work like that. I can possibly tell you what field would be best for you, as I can get hints from the cards, but I won’t know the exact name. Hint: go with what makes your soul light up!

Tarot and oracle readings are meant to empower you. The question must always be about you.
“How can I improve my relationship?”
“Should I try for job 1 or job 2?”
“What is holding me back from my goals?”

“Will this company hire me?”
“Will this person ask me out?”
“How does this person feel about me?”
These types of questions give the company or person power over you and attracts fear based thoughts.

You may ask me about spells, incantations, & affirmations to help you in your life. I will NOT give you a spell to make a ex lover come back nor to get revenge as those spells will backfire on the caster, which would be Y-O-U! What you send out comes back to you 3 times or more. Even your thoughts, said out loud or not, have power so watch what you say or think. I also won’t give you spells to help you win lotteries, win legal issues, or become pregnant. Again, those are chance situations.

No reading from anyone is 100% accurate. Nothing is set in stone. You can always change your path as anyone can. What I give is a guidance point to what I am being shown & told. Energy can change. I do consider myself psychic due to hearing & seeing what needs to be told to you. I am extremely intuitive and an empath. There are times where I need to take a break due to absorbing too much energy in a reading. With this being said, my readings are for entertainment purposes only.