My Financial Success Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

So I was sitting here just thinking to myself, I wonder if I am afraid of success? Are there others out there who may even think they are afraid of success? How can one see into fixing this if one is afraid of success? Then *BOOM* it hit me. Why not create a tarot spread about this issue so I did. Here is My Financial Success Celtic Cross Tarot Spread.

financial success tarot spread
My Financial Success Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

So here is the positions I have for this:
1) Your business as of right now. Where are the energies? What is currently going on that you need to be aware of?
2) Current obstacle or challenge that needs to be looked at & dealt with.
3) Are you afraid of success? Now this card is a yes or no with a reason why even if it is reversed or not. Maybe you get the 7 of Swords here. Yes you fear it as you may feel like you are stealing other’s successes away from them. 6 of Wands, reversed is also a yes because you fear your ego may take control or you lack self confidence. Go with what you see & feel in this position as you look to the card.
4-6) The Triangle of Success
I call these 3 cards the Triangle of Success. What do you need to do to be successful? How an you change the energy of that #3 card to a more positive outcome or what additional things do you need to do to be more successful?
7-10) Outcome for the next 12 months
Each card here is for every 3 months if you follow the Triangle of Success for what you can expect. So you can tweak it if you need to. As this isn’t set in stone. You can change your outcome if you are aware what lies ahead.

I hope my Financial Success Celtic Cross Tarot Spread helps you in your path to success & helps you see what changes you need to make.

Brandy 🙂