Weekly Guidance Reading for 04/09/18 to 04/15/18

Here is your weekly guidance reading for 04/09/18 to 04/15/18.

This week I am using “Unicorn Oracle” & “Crystal Unicorn Tarot”. It does seem to be a very emotional draining week. But on the plus side, Mercury Retrograde will be over on the 15th.

Theme this week is: Magic, Delight, Support
Normally I draw one card for the theme, but Magic & Delight were jumpers. Meaning they jumped out as I was shuffling so I included them in the reading. Magic card has been stalking me personally so maybe it is a reminder for me or wants to be told for you as well.
It is important to believe in miracles & that magic does exist. Magic may surround you this week to where you can make things happen in your favor. Delight in everything this week, even the small things that may seem insignificant. Count your blessings as well. Remember there are those who don’t have what you do in your life. Clothes, food, transportation. Take pleasure for the simple things in life. You also need to remember to take care of yourself. Don’t allow others to drain you of your energy this week. Ask for help or get more rest if needed.

Situation: Queen of Cups, Reversed
Others may be taking your generosity for their own personal gain. They may be draining you of your own psychic energy & power. It is important to try to create boundaries within you and around you. Self care.

Challenge: Knight of Cups
You may want to do what you love & you feel that you can’t accomplish that. With so many coming to you with their own problems, you can’t see about working on your own path. Trying to make others happy while you are stuck in the middle.

Advice: 9 of Cups, Reversed
This is the wish card when it is not reversed. Here it sits with it’s energy drained. Feeling hopeless as if your dreams or wishes won’t come true. It is important to remember you are magic & can create the life you so desire. You need to create your boundaries & do some self care. It is also important to notice the lil details in life & marvel at their existence. Be thankful for everything that comes forth. Work on turning this card into a more positive where dreams become reality.

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