Do You Believe in Synchronicity?

Synchronicity? Coincidence?
So early this morning, I got a newsletter from someone I follow. They have their address listed in the newsletter on the bottom and maybe it’s a bit stalkerish or envious, but I sometimes Google their address to find pictures of inside their home and I am just in love with it. Lots of windows and sunshine, a fireplace, a balcony. I thought to myself I would love to move into a house like this. This house is over 1 million dollars with an estimated monthly payment of $6,000 doesn’t matter. I still love his home. It makes me feel that this can be mine basically.

So later on this morning, Dee went to Loaf N Jug. Apparently the neighbors across the hall have a pet dog. So Dee was upset with that since we’ve been asking since we’ve moved here in August of 2015 if we could have a pet & we were always told no. I thought to myself, “I wish we could move to somewhere that allowed pets, but also had nice big windows and a fireplace.”

As Xander and I left the apartment to go to the car, I was thinking about this again. How it would be nice to move out of here to a place much better that we would love and that would allow us to have a pet? As I got to the car there was a business card on my windshield under my wipers. After I got Xander settled in his carseat, I grab the card and it was for a packer and mover company in Colorado Springs.

Message from the universe? Spirit guides? A sign? Things like this happen for a reason I think. So I am not only perplexed, but excited by the possibility of this event.

So I also drew a card from the Wisdom of the Oracle deck to see what card would come up and this is the card that I got. Now I have chills full of joy about this opportunity that has presented itself to me: