New Moon, New Meditation Idea, New Intentions

Today is not only my boyfriend & mine’s 9th anniversary, but also a New Moon. This New Moon will be in Pisces.

Last Monday, I was reading a few things about creating the life you want by getting rid of the negative talk. Create positive affirmations from your heart & say them first thing in the morning. Sad part, I’ve tried this personally & nothing was gained. Then I remembered when I was doing a Ancestral Healing that calling in Archangel Azrael helped heal a part of me in regards to this meditation. Why couldn’t he help me to end my negative thoughts & work on creating more positive, affirmations? Why couldn’t he help everyone in this aspect?

So this will be my goal. I am going to call upon Archangel Michael for protection during the meditation, then Archangel Azrael to help me heal this part within me that is dark & negative when it comes to being positive. To help my grieving part within me that refuses to accept that positive situations can occur. I feel the negative needs to be removed so a calmer light can flourish. Plus I am going to converse with Archangel Azrael as well to see if he can help me get rid of what is no longer serving me. I will also ask Archangel Raphael to help heal as well, but I feel that AA Azrael is best suited for this removal.  His energy just feels right for me. At least I can always try correct?

Then I am setting New Moon Intentions slowly. I am going to work on one thing this moon cycle then increase when I feel I can. I will also do Abundance checks as well.

Also remember to include some self care. We take care of everyone else, need to replenish our own energies as well. 🙂

Have a great weekend!