The Calling of Goddesses

In elementary school, 6th grade, we were taught about different mythology & different Gods & Goddesses. When I discovered the Goddess Isis, I became attached to Her. I felt She was my true Mother. I always had Her in my heart, mind, spirit. As time went on, & I started to learn about Wicca/Witchcraft, I started my own journey to worship Goddess Isis in my own way. She gave me visions, She spoke to me, She has warned me in many relationships.

Then in 2007, Goddess Lilith came forth to me. To express my sexuality more. To embrace who I really am & what I really desire out of love & life. Many have let me down & She came forth to help me develop self confidence within myself. To truly find the heart within & to express who I really am. If no one liked it, then that was their problem.

We go into 2015. I had a vision in a dream of Hecate coming to me & saying I needed to “take back” my power. What power? I didn’t know. When I replay the events in my life, I had lost a lot of things about me. My research into Hecate came forth that she is one that gives you blunt truth & is harsh. To me, however, total opposite & yet I know it was Her. The next night, an owl swooped down close to my head. Instantly I felt it was a reminder of Her presence to “take back” my power.

This year I have had another vision of another Female Divinity. Santa Muerte. Looking at her following, I am told She doesn’t like to be near others that are being worshiped by the same person & yet She is encouraging it for me. She wants me to transform. To let go of the old & ring in the new. To be my authentic me. The true me.

Each of these Female Divinities, have 1 thing in common…The Underworld, The Darkness, Transformation.

With 4 coming to me, expressing their message to me, calling me to Them, I wonder. Is this right? Do I need to choose? Am I  to honor all 4?

So I did what I always do, pick a card. I went for Isis Oracle. I received:

This is a card with a definite “YES” calling. Plus it is one to say that all of these Divine Feminine Goddesses are wanting me to regain myself, my self confidence, my freedom, to be who I am, to let go of what is no longer serving me, to take charge of my life. I feel that these 4 different types of Goddesses are trying to work as 1 to wake me up to my true potential. That there is a fire within me that I need to embrace & let be. Not hide myself. To be free & be who I really am. To be authentic. This is why they have no problem uniting together for me to wake up the dead within me to transform the ashes into the phoenix within.

It has finally become clear.

So expect rawness, living in my own truth, being authentically me.