Monthly Card Reading for April

Reading for April
Theme: Action
Oracle of the Unicorns
7 of Swords, Queen of Pentacles, & Knight of Swords
Crystal Unicorn Tarot

Have you been feeling the strong need lately to leave your comfort zone and to take action in your life or in an area in your life? Here’s the sign. You can’t take on the world or make your dreams happen if you are just sitting in your comfort zone. You need to take action and make your dreams a reality. Bring them to life. April is action month. Create your plan then go.

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Card of the Day for 03/30/18

Card of the Day:
Knight of Chalices, Reversed
Nefertari Tarot

Moodiness will take the lead today. Lots of emotions are flaring up in many. Mercury (Jerkury) Retrograde plus a Blue Moon will be upon us. It’s imperative that before you open your mouth that you think before you talk today even if someone else is being a Negative Nancy to you. Don’t add gas to the already charged up fire.

Do You Believe in Synchronicity?

Synchronicity? Coincidence?
So early this morning, I got a newsletter from someone I follow. They have their address listed in the newsletter on the bottom and maybe it’s a bit stalkerish or envious, but I sometimes Google their address to find pictures of inside their home and I am just in love with it. Lots of windows and sunshine, a fireplace, a balcony. I thought to myself I would love to move into a house like this. This house is over 1 million dollars with an estimated monthly payment of $6,000 doesn’t matter. I still love his home. It makes me feel that this can be mine basically.

So later on this morning, Dee went to Loaf N Jug. Apparently the neighbors across the hall have a pet dog. So Dee was upset with that since we’ve been asking since we’ve moved here in August of 2015 if we could have a pet & we were always told no. I thought to myself, “I wish we could move to somewhere that allowed pets, but also had nice big windows and a fireplace.”

As Xander and I left the apartment to go to the car, I was thinking about this again. How it would be nice to move out of here to a place much better that we would love and that would allow us to have a pet? As I got to the car there was a business card on my windshield under my wipers. After I got Xander settled in his carseat, I grab the card and it was for a packer and mover company in Colorado Springs.

Message from the universe? Spirit guides? A sign? Things like this happen for a reason I think. So I am not only perplexed, but excited by the possibility of this event.

So I also drew a card from the Wisdom of the Oracle deck to see what card would come up and this is the card that I got. Now I have chills full of joy about this opportunity that has presented itself to me:

New Schedule

Hello everyone!

Well it seems there is a schedule change yet again. My boyfriend FINALLY got a decent schedule to where he will have two days off in a row. So my schedule for webchat & phone sessions will change as well due to this so here is what it will be:
Monday-Wednesday & Saturday-Sunday: 9AM to 3:45PM MST & 6PM to 9PM MST.
Thursday & Friday: 9AM to 9PM MST

This will start on April 1 & there may be times when my boyfriend needs to do mandatory overtime, but when I know I will let you know. šŸ™‚

Also don’t forget that on April 1st, my new pricing structure for readings will start. Plus I have new readings to add to offer to you if you are interested.

Have a great week!

Brandy šŸ™‚

Weekly Card Reading for 03/26/18 to 04/01/18

Here is your weekly card reading for 03/26/18/ to 04/01/18

I am using The Starchild Tarot Akashic edition in the large size for this card reading.

Energies coming in: II The High Priestess, Reversed.
So the beginning of this week you are going to be feeling like you need some alone time. To just be with yourself, your thoughts. It is going to be a very heavy energy type of week so it is important to step back & look within. To meditate. Do some self care. Work on you basically. You may have given most of your energy to others, now it is time to work on you. And you should. You shouldn’t neglect.

Advice: 3 of Cups, Reversed
Turn off social media. Let your friends & family know that you are taking some time away from social media, social gatherings, you need time for yourself. If you are in a situation, like me, where you are a stay at home mother & it is hard to even have time away from your little family, try to schedule some meditation during bath time or when the kids are asleep. This time is for you. Let your house be messy for a day, just let it be your time. Try to set aside 15 minutes of just you alone. It will be beneficial.

Outcome: 10 of Cups
Doing these things will help you to engage better with family, friends, coworkers. You will create a more positive home/family/career life by taking the time out to focus upon yourself. It may seem selfish at first, but you will realize that this is what you really needed this week. Plus with Mercury Retrograde, this is also the perfect time to refresh, review, renew.

I hope you enjoyed your reading for this week & that it hit home for you as well plus made sense. I want to remind you that starting on April 1st my prices for tarot, oracle readings will be changing in my etsy shop. Plus I am adding new readings here & there, plus some packages, to help you on your own journey in life. Feel free to check them out.

Have a wonderful & blessed week!

Brandy šŸ™‚

Card of the Day: Ace of Cups, Reversed

Card of the Day:
Ace of Cups, Reversed
The Starchild Tarot
Feeling loneliness or sadness. Things not going as one hoped. Love not being returned.
Try to find out why. Are you giving yourself too much to others? Are you so desperate for love you will accept anyone no matter the cost to your own self respect?
You are loveable.
You are worthy.
Never settle.
Let go of the toxic and embrace your true self and desires. Cut the cords from the past. Only then will the right kind of love will come forth.

New pricing structure will start in April for my tarot readings, plus new readings to come.

New Moon, New Meditation Idea, New Intentions

Today is not only my boyfriend & mine’s 9th anniversary, but also a New Moon. This New Moon will be in Pisces.

Last Monday, I was reading a few things about creating the life you want by getting rid of the negative talk. Create positive affirmations from your heart & say them first thing in the morning. Sad part, I’ve tried this personally & nothing was gained. Then I remembered when I was doing a Ancestral Healing that calling in Archangel Azrael helped heal a part of me in regards to this meditation. Why couldn’t he help me to end my negative thoughts & work on creating more positive, affirmations? Why couldn’t he help everyone in this aspect?

So this will be my goal. I am going to call upon Archangel Michael for protection during the meditation, then Archangel Azrael to help me heal this part within me that is dark & negative when it comes to being positive. To help my grieving part within me that refuses to accept that positive situations can occur. I feel the negative needs to be removed so a calmer light can flourish. Plus I am going to converse with Archangel Azrael as well to see if he can help me get rid of what is no longer serving me. I will also ask Archangel Raphael to help heal as well, but I feel that AA Azrael is best suited for this removal.Ā  His energy just feels right for me. At least I can always try correct?

Then I am setting New Moon Intentions slowly. I am going to work on one thing this moon cycle then increase when I feel I can. I will also do Abundance checks as well.

Also remember to include some self care. We take care of everyone else, need to replenish our own energies as well. šŸ™‚

Have a great weekend!

The Calling of Goddesses

In elementary school, 6th grade, we were taught about different mythology & different Gods & Goddesses. When I discovered the Goddess Isis, I became attached to Her. I felt She was my true Mother. I always had Her in my heart, mind, spirit. As time went on, & I started to learn about Wicca/Witchcraft, I started my own journey to worship Goddess Isis in my own way. She gave me visions, She spoke to me, She has warned me in many relationships.

Then in 2007, Goddess Lilith came forth to me. To express my sexuality more. To embrace who I really am & what I really desire out of love & life. Many have let me down & She came forth to help me develop self confidence within myself. To truly find the heart within & to express who I really am. If no one liked it, then that was their problem.

We go into 2015. I had a vision in a dream of Hecate coming to me & saying I needed to “take back” my power. What power? I didn’t know. When I replay the events in my life, I had lost a lot of things about me. My research into Hecate came forth that she is one that gives you blunt truth & is harsh. To me, however, total opposite & yet I know it was Her. The next night, an owl swooped down close to my head. Instantly I felt it was a reminder of Her presence to “take back” my power.

This year I have had another vision of another Female Divinity. Santa Muerte. Looking at her following, I am told She doesn’t like to be near others that are being worshiped by the same person & yet She is encouraging it for me. She wants me to transform. To let go of the old & ring in the new. To be my authentic me. The true me.

Each of these Female Divinities, have 1 thing in common…The Underworld, The Darkness, Transformation.

With 4 coming to me, expressing their message to me, calling me to Them, I wonder. Is this right? Do I need to choose? Am IĀ  to honor all 4?

So I did what I always do, pick a card. I went for Isis Oracle. I received:

This is a card with a definite “YES” calling. Plus it is one to say that all of these Divine Feminine Goddesses are wanting me to regain myself, my self confidence, my freedom, to be who I am, to let go of what is no longer serving me, to take charge of my life. I feel that these 4 different types of Goddesses are trying to work as 1 to wake me up to my true potential. That there is a fire within me that I need to embrace & let be. Not hide myself. To be free & be who I really am. To be authentic. This is why they have no problem uniting together for me to wake up the dead within me to transform the ashes into the phoenix within.

It has finally become clear.

So expect rawness, living in my own truth, being authentically me.

Card of the Day for 03/04/18

Card of the Day:
Oracle of the Unicorns
4 of Staffs
Tarot of a Moon Garden

You may wish to keep your dreams and inspired ideas to yourself today. This day may also lead you to success or a celebration of home life. Single or not.
$10 for a 3 card Tarot or Oracle Reading

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Card of the Day for 03/03/2018

Card of the Day:
Oracle of the Unicorns
8 of Pentacles, Reversed
Tarot of the Moon Garden

If this message resonates with you as well, then take it as for you.

Do not give up on your relationship (unless of course it isn’t healthy or is toxic) or if you are single know that love is on its way. You are loveable! Love is for all. Put the past behind you and allow yourself to receive love.

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