When the truth comes forward…

I am sitting here in a bit of a whirlwind of disgust right now.

I believe in learning more & more about the career you are interested in. For me, it is to be a tarot reader. I love doing tarot readings. I love helping others. I love to empower my clients. The money I collect for my tarot readings goes to my home, my family, my education, savings, & anything extra I may have goes to support others or charities.

Back in 2017, I started following & joining a few facebook groups that looked as though they were willing to help others in their spiritual career path. I really liked the information that was given & felt it was a place I could be open with.

During a live stream of one group, I made a comment that was the truth about my life that was personal & I felt I was in such a open group that it would be accepted. Instead, that comment was deleted. Unsure why, but it was. It wasn’t being derogatory nor anything that would upset the presenter of the live stream, but it was deleted. Since then I kept my comments to myself unless it wasn’t something personal about me.  This has also led me to be more of a lurker instead of participating within any group.

2018 has brought more epiphanies to me about some of these groups I joined than anything. I am seeing the truth in some of the owners of these groups as well. Mostly that they aren’t really there for their members. The above one for example. I purchased a workshop presentation. I thought it was something I hadn’t seen before & that it would help me with my tarot business. Instead I got duped basically. This “workshop” is free on youtube & in the group I belong in.  This has led me to distrust the group owner to the point where I won’t purchase any more “workshops” or even take a class that I was going to save up for in hopes it would help me with my tarot business.  I wouldn’t have minded to “donate” for the information given, but the way this was presented as just a workshop available on their site only put a bad taste in my mouth.  Especially from a “spiritual life coach”.

Lesson learned: Search in the group & youtube for the “workshops” people are selling before you buy!

I do appreciate the lessons given to me by the universe. It teaches me to discern appropriately. Even if it irritates the hell out of me, it is a lesson needed. I did feel something was off, but I did try to give benefit of the doubt.

I’m not going to ask for my money back as I am taking this as a life lesson.