2017: The Year We Got Rick Rolled

What a lovely title of a blog?

Let me explain this as well.

Yesterday, I was watching Radleigh Valentine do his “Radscopes” for the year. If you want to watch that on youtube click *HERE*. It is a yearly forecast for each of the signs. He mentioned that the energy for 2017 was weird. And it got me thinking that yes it really was a weird year. The negative that came forth became positive in many ways. People were being brought out of who they really are underneath. It was a year of the truth of some people being revealed that was very hidden. The year also questioned our own beliefs in others, but also ourselves. We were challenged over who we looked up to as well.

But this didn’t hit me until…

My boyfriend, Dee, & I went to his mom’s house for her birthday yesterday. Yep she was born on December 31. On our way home, we were listening to the radio & “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley was on. Dee laughed & said that it describes how 2017 was. I said, “What that we got Rick rolled?”

Which was true for us. Not only with what has happened in the media & the spiritual community, but also with us personally.

I had been struggling on how to price my services on phone sites & I should have just followed my original plan, but I didn’t. I allowed what others were telling me to cloud my better judgement & view. We all want to make money. We need money to buy the things we need in our lives (a roof over our head, food, transportation), but I made it be a desperation instead of just letting go & allowing the universe to provide. I didn’t take my own advice that I shell out to my clients. I rick rolled myself. I am in desperate need of a new vehicle now as my current one is rapidly deteriorating. So that is on my agenda. To make my dream car a reality.  Plus people coming out of the woodwork from my past. People that were toxic in my life that I cut out. They found me. I am just letting them go. Many are just too damn negative & I do not want nor need that kind of energy. Plus we don’t connect how we used to. I’ve changed a lot in my opinion.

Dee found out in December that the company he worked for at a call center, is ending it’s operations there & will be moving them overseas. So he lost his job with that company, but the main company that had the contract is allowing him to stay with same pay, just different hours & weird days off. He is hoping that it gets changed to something better. So he too got rick rolled.

Plus little odds & ends here & there that tallied up to the same theme.

I did my own little “Radscope” for 2018 using Healing with the Fairies oracle & Fairy Tarot. Let me say this before you come at me. Yes I know about the Doreen Virtue saga. No I don’t support what she has done, but she has free will even if it can be seen through. I believe the cards she created isn’t with her own energy, but you input your energy into them & they speak. My two cents. So looking at my cards, I am getting my theme for 2018 is authenticity. Being me. Who I am. Letting go what doesn’t serve me. Resting. Self care. These are the highlights that I know I need to do. I am also wanting to use more colorful decks as well. More whimsical. So you will see a lot of that from me as well. I want to color the world bright. If that makes sense.

So…how do you think this year will be?

Tonight we have a date with our friends on a full moon no less.

Let the games begin! 🙂