A Day of Epiphanies

I am calling Wednesday the Day of Epiphanies. This blog entry may be helpful to you as well.

Epiphany #1
I am in a few tarot groups. Through I don’t really participate in them as I am a lurker as they say, but dealing with my son kinda puts a damper on a few things, I am very intrigued by posts made in them. One was about your birth cards. Mine are X The Wheel & I The Magician. Another person took it a step further & said she adds her sun sign card into the mix. When I do that I get IX The Hermit. That card sums me up perfectly as I am a hermit in many ways. I love solitude. I love being alone. People drain me to beyond capacity. Especially those who aren’t real inside & real on the outside. Which leads me to the next epiphany.

Epiphany #2
I took advantage of a free e-book from Hay House from Kyle Gray, “Raise Your Vibration: 111 Practices to Increase Your Spiritual Connection” & a lot of things just clicked for me. The people I surround myself with. Who understand me & doesn’t. Who respects my boundaries & who doesn’t. My vibe attracts my tribe & my vibe attracts others to me. Which lead to another epiphany. Since having my son, people have came out from my past to get back into my life. Some give me great courage, others though give me nothing but discomforting energies. I notice when they come forth in my life. The ones that have been great are when I am feeling great about myself & my life. The ones that have giving me doubts are those who came forth in my life when I was down or felt depressed longer than I should have. The latter have been those who talk bad about someone & yet sugar coat with kindness to the person they are bad mouthing. Well..what could they be saying about me? Then there are those where I will say I am not on messenger for example & am needing my space & are sending me messages every few days. I said I am not on messenger for a few days, leave me alone please, & they don’t respect my boundaries. Then there are those who are always in the negative. Always being down. Always depressed. Which drains me in the process. Then there are those who have toilet humor & I am beyond that type of mentality. I just don’t care for crude jokes. Call me a prude, but it does nothing for me. I don’t even watch TV. Then there are those who have 2 or all of these behaviors.  So this has been an indication to me that I need to do some cleaning on my friends list & block. I need to vibrate higher. Yes they will definitely be talking bad about me, but I don’t care. I am being selfish & doing this for me. To raise myself higher with those that respect my boundaries & truly understand me. I am not who I was long ago, I am extremely different.

Epiphany #3
So I was doing some personal readings about 2018. I forgot about the year cards that were for 2017. My year tarot cards were XV The Devil & VI The Lovers. Lucky me. I didn’t know really the beginning of the year of 2017 what they would really mean, but now I do & the year is almost over. Do I choose to be bound or choose to be free? I chose to be bound majority of the year & that was due to my own making. I admit it. I was bound my materialism & unable to make choices for my business. I was engulfed with the energy exchange principle. How much should I charge? Am I charging right? Should I do the average of what others are charging? Am I aligned with spirit if I charge this amount or this amount? I was struggling. I had to break free from that talk. Go with what felt right to charge & make sure it fit what I needed to make PLUS fit me spiritually. Average seemed key here & worked. Plus I was hiding my true self. I need for her to come forth & be alive again.

My cards for 2018 are XVI The Tower & VII The Chariot. No matter how much it collapses in front of me, I need to take the reigns, have determination & confidence within myself to make things work. So here I come 2018.

Things are coming forth in my life. I am realizing a lot. I am learning a lot. I am embracing a lot. I am a continuous project that needs fine tuning. I will get there. I also hope that this advice helps some of you as well.