A Visit from Archangel Azrael

Last week I did a challenge in a group I am in about becoming more confident in attaining money doing what you love in the spiritual work community. There was a meditation where we were to access our ancestors to help heal the poverty mindset that happens at times. In the meditation there was a huge tree that represented my family, my ancestors. It was very powerful & made me cry as well. During this meditation Archangel Azrael came forth to me, wrapped his arms around me to comfort me during this process. To help heal the grief that was there during this meditation. This was the first time I felt his presence & seen him. Black robe, but white wings, older gentleman face, white hair, tan like skin. He was very comforting. It was an experience I will not forget.

I feel he looked this way for me to recognize who he was. I feel his form is really a bit different than I gave a description for, but that is how he appeared to me.

I never felt so alive & better till that incident with him. Definitely calling upon him for matters of Ancestor work to help heal the grieving.