It’s a Win-Win!

I have a lot to blog about, so in the next few days expect to get some insight that I have discovered within myself as of late.

I want to talk about, however, recent events. Hayhouse is having a huge $7/deck sale that ends today. I bought a few. The Guardian Angel Tarot (yes I know over power of sweetness, but I am hoping it will help in relationship readings where things are very sensitive, plus I love vintage art), Angels of Abundance, & Talking to Heaven (as I want to work on mediumship so I am hoping this can spark the flame). Anyway I purchased these decks as it was a calling to do so. Then last night as I dreamed this card appeared to me. I didn’t know the meaning of the card other than it was the same as XIV Temperance. So I looked it up & this is what it said. I take that as a win for buying these decks.

I still have to purchase my friend’s deck she has as I am saving slowly for that one. Unexpected bills got in the way & I kept getting a pull to get these decks so we shall see.

Things are going in a positive direction for December which I am thanking the universe for.

Like I said I have more to talk about which I will in due time.

Have a great weekend & a wonderful start for the month!