Charging a Tarot or Oracle Deck for an Intended Purpose

So yesterday I was thinking about crystals & their charged purpose. Why can’t we do that with tarot & oracle decks? Sure some of us have only 1 deck, but there are others out there that have a multitude of decks who are, in a sense, junkies. 😉 Me included in that list.

I’ve learned some of my decks prefer to be served for 1 purpose only. Others don’t care as long as they are getting in on the action. So I started thinking, since we can charge crystals for various purposes of a job, why not do the same with a deck?

So I did a test run with my Crystal Visions deck. It seems to enjoy doing love & relationship readings more. It will do other readings, but it loves working with relationships. So I cleared my deck of its energy, rearranged the cards to how they were when I got the deck. Put my own intentions & thoughts into the deck & shuffled it completely. So now it is just for Love & Relationships.

So I am going to be working on doing this with my other decks. Shadow work, career, life path, ancestor work, & so forth.

I thought this could be an idea for someone else to try out to see if it works out for them too.