It’s been a while…

It has been a while & I have no excuses.

Other than weird things have been happening & I found myself in a downward spiral of chaotic situations.  I have been doing readings. I have been working on a few things here & there. Mostly, I have been trying to figure out what to do with my business honestly. I hit a serious plateau where nothing was moving overall. Life in general had me at a stalemate. It happens.

Plus I have been having new clients coming to me, overly obsessed with their situation, that they are upset that what not just one psychic told them but many. They are getting different answers to their questions. Well why are you asking again? Why are you so obsessed? Why are you thinking so fear-based & negative? In many cases I have had XV The Devil show his presence which is obsession. Being bound to something even though you have the means to release. The chains are loose, but they continue to be plagued with their obsession.

If this is you or you know someone like this, this is what has to happen:
Ask your question.
Get your answer.
Let go & allow Divine timing.
Can’t let go? Breath in & out deeply 3 times while saying, “I trust the Universe. I let go what I am holding onto.”
Say it as many times as you need to. Even if it was just a minute ago. Until you feel calm. Let it go. Eventually things will go your way or not. Depending on how much negative, fear based thought you gave the situation.

This is something we are not taught to do. It is something we must do. It is something I have learned on my own hiatus that I needed to do. You can’t control others or the actions. You just have to let go & put the faith out there that things will be better for you.

I will be coming back to the main scene. I will try to blog once a week. I am working on creating a business plan for myself. I have taken a bunch of free workshops, but nothing seems to progress for me doing what is recommended. So I am creating my own plan. It seems that their standards & mine don’t combine well. LOL So I am doing my own thang.

I am planning on November’s sales & yes I will be doing a Black Friday sale. I will also be offering some free minutes to my Keen clients too.

Details later…