New Schedule

So I am regrettably having to change my schedule. This is due in part of having a very rambunctious almost 2 year old that I watch during the day. Can’t really concentrate on tarot readings while he is running the show. LOL I am going to be on Fortunica majority of the time, so that won’t change. Plus answer questions as fast as I can there when I get a moment. As far as doing web chat tarot readings for Keen, Zodiac Psychics, & Pisces Psychics, I am changing the hours for it. I am hoping to be able to stay available later than what is listed, but I can’t make any guarantees. Mostly due to my young son.

New Schedule:
Fri-Tues: 5PM-9PM MST (or later)
Wed-Thurs: 12PM-9PM MST (or later)

I am hoping these new hours will be beneficial. There will be some days where I can’t do any readings or that I am running errands and won’t be on till a certain time, but keep an eye on my twitter account in case I remember to post a update on that. LMAO! I know I can be forgetful at times. 😉

These hours are starting today.

Have a good day and week!