Mercury Goes Direct Today! YAY!

I am so damn happy that Mercury is going direct today. Normally Mercury Retrograde doesn’t really affect me that much, but this time HOLY COW! Sites I have been on have been crashing, communication blocks on all levels, the feeling of being down emotionally. I think since the Full Moon will be in Pisces, I will have an emotional breakdown of just being joyful that I survived this monster of a retrograde.

My energy during this time has been so down and low. No matter how positive I tried to hold on, I was latching as hard as I could and still slipping off the ledge. Even my phone was acting strange with huge amounts of battery consumption unknown of the source. Maybe it was me…trying to drain everything in my path?

Plus the solar eclipse didn’t help either.

I am just glad this is all over. Mercury is going direct and I can finally breath after suffocating. I hope things are going well for you as well!