Weekly Reading for 08/07/17 to 08/13/17

Weekly Reading for 08/07/17 to 08/13/17

Theme: New Opportunity
Healing with the Fairies Oracle

Energies: 4 of Spring
Challenge: 10 of Spring
Advice/Outcome: 5 Unity
The Fairy Tarot

Well now here we go! There will be a new opportunity that will come to you. It may help your home and/or career life. There may be some challenges of too much burden. There is a need to declutter what isn’t helping you right now. Ask for advice or help from those you trust. Doing so creates a chance to find those of like minded folks that can help you spiritually. You will know who to depend on when you need others the most. This will also help you to detox from those who are toxic in your life. This week looks like bonding may be the focus.

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