Weekly Reading for 07/24/17 to 07/30/17

Here is your Weekly Reading for 07/24/17 to 07/30/17.

I am using the Universal Waite Tarot for this week’s tarot reading.

5 of Wands, Reversed
It may seem that the conflict going on within you or around you has ceased, but the truth of the matter is that someone or an energy force within you has just given up. Tired of the fight and wants to just end this affair. They feel that their viewpoint isn’t worth it or maybe you feel that the fight for what you seek isn’t worth the hassle.

9 of Pentacles
This card is basically confirming the above. You want comfort, peace, but what is that really worth to you? Is it worth that you give up your dreams or ambitions? Is it really worth letting go of the path you feel so strongly going towards?

10 of Cups, Reversed
Who cares if no one is supporting you? Who cares if someone is voicing their opinion to you to stop doing what you want to do or feel a calling to do? This may even come from a family member or your ego trying to make you feel worthless and that your ideas are a joke. Let go of that fear. Simply let go. After all, we are under a New Moon in Leo. Set your intentions and fly!

2 of Pentacles
Yes it will seem to be a juggling match between doing what you want and trying to take care of what your needs are. But it will be worth it in the end. The chaos going on in the background is just that, chaos. Your ego or family may want to distract you from your pursuit for happiness, just let them be. Focus on you. You got this. You will find balance within to help you succeed in your life.


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