When Clients Do Not Take Your Advice and Keep Coming Back for the Same Questions

I saw this question posted in a group I am where basically, the reader gives advice to a client, client doesn’t do said advice and made the situation worse. So client comes back asking the same question again and this becomes a cycle. The client keeps spending money on the same issue and never taking the advice given. The reader is drained and tired of said client and wants to end the relationship they have with the client. The reader asked should she?

Here is my take on this situation…

It is their money, if they are going to waste it by not taking the advice then so be it.

I am also going to add this to my Code of Ethics since this information seems to be missing.

If you are going to spend money on a tarot reading and not take the advice given to you and constantly do this pattern, then that is on you as a client. If you need to keep checking in every day, week, month, on the same issue because you refuse the advice given to you, that is just on you.

Too blunt? Yes I am! Hey…I am not a fraud and taking your money. You, the client, are responsible for your own actions. If I have to keep repeating myself to you for your redundant question that you refuse to follow the advice for as you pay me, then so be it. I don’t mind sounding like a broken record as long as you are paying me for it. Keep this in mind!

I am not saying this out of spite, I am saying this as the reality of the situation.

Yes you have a choice to follow advice or not. Just like you have a choice to keep contacting me for the same question where you get the same advice for and you, the client, not following through.

Something to consider…