When a Tarot or Oracle Card Reading is Really Meant for You & Not Your Question.

I have seen this a few times and I thought I would address this issue.

I would have someone asking about someone or a job and really the reading was about them. It was a message that they needed to have themselves. Oracle cards usually point to that more than tarot. At least in my experience. I find it interesting when this happens, of course I hate sometimes telling it to the client because it isn’t what they asked. They didn’t ask about themselves, but about a person or a job. So what does one do? I do what I am guided to do by my spirit guides. If the message is for them, there is a reason why. Whether they want to give negative feedback because I didn’t answer their question, which does happen because they are mad they aren’t getting a true answer. I just take it with a grain of salt. I love my feedback, but I also can understand the client’s frustration. If I hid the message given to me, would that be fair to the client? No. And in the past, I have done two different readings with two different decks asking the same questions and still would get basically the same answer. That this message is for the client and not the question they are asking.

So understand that this sometimes DOES happen. It is what it is. It is a message you need to take in or understand for your situation to change. It in a way DOES answer your question, just not how you would have imagined it to.