Why My Court Card for Occupation Didn’t Click Till I Really Looked At It?

So I was on a journey of finding out my true career purpose or life purpose in this life. I have seen many videos and articles about “Doing what you love IS your life purpose?” or “Doing what you love can be your passionate career?” I’ve actually felt that a life purpose is one to help your community and never really considered it a “career” of sorts, but I was on a mission to find out what I am to do in this lifetime that would make me happy and would bring in income.

I really love doing tarot readings. I love digging in deep to the core and finding the little nitty gritty stuff that many don’t see in their own lives. It also helps me to help others see in a new light. Showing different faucets to show different paths and allowing the client to choose which is best.

So years ago, I did a free natal chart and saw my midheaven, which is your 10th house, as Pisces. Which Pisces is a very intuitive, almost psychic sign as it is. Pisces can feel things so deep and need grounding to get the energy to lay low for awhile. It can be exhausting at times to deal with so much. So I am thinking OK this sounds good. But honestly, that is just a layer in trying to find out what your place in this world really is. My 10th house also houses some planets and asteroids in Aries sign. Aries is a go-getter with fire running through their veins. They love to be in charge and want to take the helm. Although they can also have a sensitive side as well, but when hurt they are full on rage of emotions no one wants to get in their fire for.

Now that you know this story, lets continue on…if you are still here and I haven’t lost you yet.

So whenever I ask about a career of what I should do with my life, I constantly get Queen of Wands which is also with II The High Priestess or Queen of Swords in a reading. Queen of Wands is in the advice position and one of the other two cards is in the outcome position. Alrighty then. I never really felt like the Queen of Wands. I never felt vibrant with embers flowing in my hair, feeling like I can take on the world. So I looked at this card. Well, I “thought” I did.  Turns out, I didn’t. So I did some researching recently on this card, which has also spike up my curious nature to research all the other cards. And I have never seen the court cards in a different light till the Queen of Wands. So she has sunflowers, lions, and a black cat…wait…a black cat? Why is this black cat catching my eye for? Why am I all of a sudden drawn to this black cat symbol? So I researched this and was blown away in some aspects. The black cat apparently can represent the supernatural. Mysteries. Witchcraft. Divination. Psychic abilities. Intuition. Mysticism. There is debate on what this symbol actually truly means too. Some would also say overcoming darkness. Being independent. Why not all of those into one symbol?

Then I looked into the astrology of this card and that answered my question loud and clear. Queen of Wands has Aries with a helping of Pisces in it. So this person is a leader, usually self employed, who is independent and uses her intuition to help her in her quests. The Queen of Wands with the help of the Black Cat.

This basically confirmed a couple of things for me.

  1. I really need to study the court cards more! (Which I am!)
  2. I am already following my career. I am self-employed using my intuition, psychic gifts to help others in their time of needs.

Interesting huh? LMAO!

It makes me look at the court cards in a new way now. A way that I never really noticed before or took into consideration. Being a tarot reader means you are constantly developing your gifts. You are constantly reading about the subject. Learning. It isn’t one that just dies down once you learn the meanings of the cards. A tarot reader constantly grows.