FAQ: Why Charge Higher on Phone Services than with E-mail Tarot Readings?

FAQ: Why Charge Higher on Phone Services than with E-mail Tarot Readings?

I get this question a lot actually and what it really comes down to is trying to earn a living while dealing with fees for certain sites.

Phone or Webchat tarot/psychic services are considered “on demand.” Meaning that you are wanting the service now while e-mail readings or more like “I can wait 24 hours.” Which for e-mail readings really doesn’t take me that long, but I need to put a disclosure of that there in case something may happen in my life that would affect a reading from me. Normally within a 2 hour time frame unless I am asleep for e-mail readings.

But let’s get back to the topic of charging more for phone/webchat tarot readings!

There are some sites that do a 40% fee for whatever you charge. So if I were to charge $1/minute, I would make $0.60 a minute. Then there are sites out there that will take $0.40 off what you charge per minute plus take an additional 43% off that amount. So if I were to do $1/minute, I would earn $0.60/minute minus 43% which makes it to be about $0.258/minute. And keep in mind some people have to bid to be in the top slot on the site to be seen by potential clients. Those prices vary extremely depending on how long a person has been on the site and the traffic they are able to pull in plus the money that they can give that site. I have seen for top spots on certain sites just on the front page from $5 to $50 depending on how new I was. Each click by a client, charges that person once who is bidding for a top spot. Plus marketing outside of the site to be seen.

With all these fees on these sites, tarot readers aren’t ranking in the dough. We aren’t swimming around in a pool of cash. We aren’t making what you think we are. Being self-employed in itself costs money to be seen. Sure I can advertise for free on certain social platforms to be seen, but sometimes you have to put the monetary effort in as well. So even though in your mind you think that the person who is charging $1.00/minute is making $60/hour, they are making probably about $5/hour after costs and trying to obtain clients and to be seen by competing with competition.

I hope this clears up the air for those of you who have been wondering about the difference in prices.