Weekly Reading for 06/12/17 to 06/18/17

Weekly Reading for 06/12/17 to 06/18/17The Good Tarot

Energy Now: King of Water
Compassion. Leading others or yourself away from fear. So it is a time of understanding yourself and others.

Challenge: 6 of Fire
Being seen. You may fear acknowledgment for your efforts. The limelight makes you feel uncomfortable.

Advice: XVI The Tower
Expect to be shaken up in a good way. This is a needed lesson for you. The energy may rock you to the core, but it is needed. It is to awaken within you that which is asleep.

Outcome: 7 of Fire
You will learn perseverance. You will know you can triumph over any obstacle. You can light your own way.

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Interesting Tarot Spread

Interesting spread:
Who I think I am:
XII The Hanged Man
Who others think I am:
II The High Priestess
Who I really am:
V The Hierophant

The kicker? All majors! <3

Tarot Card of the Day: IV The Emperor

Tarot Card of the Day:
IV The Emperor
The Good Tarot

Keyword says authority. To me it is a sign to take charge and have confidence. To create a stable and secure "empire" whether that be a home, employment, or what have you. May involve those of authority such as banks & government. Stay strong and confident in your abilities.

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Tarot Card of the Day: 7 of Earth

Tarot Card of the Day:
7 of Earth
The Good Tarot

Time to take a pause at your current work progress and see if you need to continue the journey or to make some changes. What has come to harvest? Was it what you envisioned? Do you want to make changes or continue? Today it is time to decide.

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When Your Card of the Day is Freaky Accurate!

So yesterday I pulled a card of the day and got 3 of Air from “The Good Tarot” which is the 3 of Swords in regular tarot. In “The Good Tarot” however the cards have a bit of optimism in them even if they seem grim in the Rider Waite versions. Which you can always find a positive result in a negative card, at least I can.

In the book for the 3 of Air it basically states that there could be a silver lining for something better to come. Rejection is Spirits’ protection.

So my coven and I were to do the full moon ritual on Saturday. We had to move it from Friday because of scheduling conflicts. Well today I had to cancel it because mentally I was drained. My mind was achy. I tried to ground myself all day long and couldn’t. Then my son was in one of his moods. So I chalked it off as a Full Moon issue. I can handle my son, that is no problem, but the intense mental feeling I could not budge at all. It just felt like my mind was being sucked out and it was throbbing. Well I figured I should cancel the ritual all together because I am not with it and I want to be at 100%. It is extremely rare that I cancel. Last time I did was last year with the snow we had. So very rare.

We recently had a new member join our coven. She seemed nice and eager to be a part of our family. I explained where we started, how we began, what I rules were and so forth and she seemed OK with it. She gave me her address as I was to pick her up. I told her I was sorry, but I can’t do the ritual tonight so I had to cancel it and apologized. She then asked the history of our coven, which again I told her. Then she asked how many members we had, which with her would have been 6 and another one wanting to join. She then asked me how I can do my spiritual practices with my toddler around? I am like…what does my son have to do with this?

Then she went off. I ruined her week with her husband because she had to plan this out to be here and I thought I was to pick her up? I don’t understand that part of it, but OK? Then she went off on a tangent. I told her well I am sorry we aren’t right for her, and I wished her the best and removed her from the coven Facebook page. She then resorted to name calling and called me a “lazy flake”.  Now I never called her a name, screenshots and saved conversation on Facebook to prove it. So I let her be. I was nice to her wished her well and let it be.

She then came back at me again saying she hopes I wasn’t practicing Magic. That I would bring in Demons and so forth. I am sitting here like, look who is calling the kettle black? I never called her any name whatsoever. I was close and those who know me, know what kind of a Witch I am. I follow the Gray, Do No Harm, but Take No Shit.  As she was spewing her lewdness at me, and using Hecate on me (which Hecate and I have a personal relationship as it is), I told her that yes I do practice magic and that evil spirits cling to those who make fun of others and call people names. Basically they are at a lower vibration. I also told her may the mirror reflect to her her true self and left it at that. Plus blocked her from contacting me again.

Again…”Spirits’ Rejection for my Protection!” Yes it hurt. Yes I was furious. Yes I may have cursed her a bit, but I redid what I said to myself and sent it out. I have to CYA (cover your ass).  But I am thankful. I am thankful that the Universe gave me the mental exhaustion and a wild toddler for the day to help me avoid bringing that type of negativity to my coven.  I thanked the Universe privately and publicly!

If you get the 3 of Swords, know it is for the best!

Tarot Card of the Day: 3 of Air

Tarot Card of the Day:
3 of Air
The Good Tarot

There could be a silver lining as to why things are not going your way. Why job isn’t what you hoped. Why a relationship isn’t how you want to be loved. It is to awaken you in order for you to see what you really want and need. Know that this will be temporary and keep your chin up.

Free Tarot Reading? Sorry Free Doesn’t Pay My Bills!

A friend of mine on Facebook reminded me of something I want to get across to those who ask for a free tarot reading and that is free doesn’t pay my bills!

I know it may sound harsh or brutal, but lets look at this further.

Learning tarot takes time and patience. Just like when you go to school. You have to learn a certain skill. Sometimes you have to work overtime to learn said skill.

Using intuition takes energy. You feel it coursing through your energy field and, most of the time, it can be down right draining to where you need to lay down or have a snack. At least in my case.

My time, my energy, is what you are paying for. You are paying me to enter your energy field, to conduct a reading, in order to help you along your journey. Naturally, because this is a skill, compensation is asked for. Yes it is a gift, just like a artist has a gift or a crafts person has a gift. It doesn’t mean they should give away their art for free does it? No! So why would you expect a tarot reader, who also studied and worked on their gifts, to give that away for free?

So be respectful. This is someone’s livelihood. Doing what one loves to do, read the cards and guide others to heal their situations. Doing what makes their heart sing. There are new readers out there every day and they are charging less than what most are who can give you insights you desire. Check out their style, their feedback if they have any.  A good reading can come from someone charging $20/hour or $5 per 15 minutes to $200/hour or $50 per 15 minutes. Just make sure to check out their style and what they offer along with any feedback. Some even offer free readings with feedback!

Those who use a phone service site may NOT be making what is listed above price wise! You may think they are making $2.99/minute, but really only $0.62/minute to even $1.50/minute. Some places only pay 20% from total price or even 50%. So that could be why that phone site has a high price per minute. Always research and ask!

Plus…many don’t bring home what they charge per hour. Some are lucky they bring in 10% per hour at times. So don’t think that if someone is charging $20/hour that they are making bank. Many aren’t. I am not saying look at the negative, but it is truth.

So think before you ask for a “free tarot reading” as they may need the money to feed their family or make sure they have a roof over their head…


Tarot Card of the Day: Queen of Swords, Reversed

Tarot Card of the Day:
Queen of Swords, Reversed
Radiant Waite Tarot

Be careful of the haters today. May even be someone who is always seeing the negative in life. May even drain your energy levels. Try to vibrate higher!

Tarotscopes for June 2017

I haven’t done tarotscopes in a long time, so I thought why not get back on track with them. I am using “The Wild Unknown Tarot” deck for this months tarotscopes. Let me know how it seems for you.

Daughter of Cups
You may receive a love letter for a new beginning romance. It is encouraged that you respond back. Some of you out there are holding within as well. Not wanting to open your heart as you should. You need to find that playful childlike awe that comes with new love and finding love. Your romantic situation can improve if you embrace a more fun approach to your situation.

6 of Wands
After struggle and struggle and struggle…should I even go on…you finally break free from the shackles that are holding you back. Success for your hard work and endeavors is at hand this month. Stress will finally leave you and you can breathe a sign of relief. You still need to keep at it however as it won’t fall out of the sky, but you can accomplish anything if you set your mind and goals to it.

Father of Cups
You may seem like an advisor to some people. Maybe even a spiritual advisor. You will be giving heart filled advice to those who seek your counsel. You may feel drained or over used, but deep down it is the right thing to do and you know it is. You may also need to communicate your needs to others. Communication from the heart is the theme for you this month. Keep an open mind and heart.

VI The Lovers
This month may seem romantic for you. You will fall in love with life this month. Not just for romance, but life itself. The birds, the trees, the sky…it will seem magical. As if you have opened your eyes fully for the first time. This will also be a month for some of you to make a change or choice in your life. It is important for you to choose what feels right. Some feelings may be hurt, but this is something you must do for you! Accept yourself and your views.

4 of Cups
You will be emotionally reserved this month. You may feel that no one understands how you really feel. So you may not want to engage with others. It’s important for you to see that others do care about how you feel and you need to express yourself. Even if it makes you emotional. Getting it out in the open will really help you to achieve peace within. The weight will be lifted if you open your heart to others.

4 of Wands
Feeling home. Peace. Tranquility will be your theme for this month. After chaos, home is where the heart is. This is also a sign for a marriage proposal as well so some of you may get proposed to. A happy home life will await you. If you feel that your home life is too chaotic, this month it will bring peace to you.

Father of Wands
You are charismatic this month. May seem that your charms will help you conquer what is going on in your life right now that is challenging. Don’t abuse the power given to you this month. Choose to use it for what really needs this magic.

8 of Pentacles
You are great at what you do in your work/career. It is also a sign to perfect what you want to do as a self employment career. Study and work on your craft. Expand your knowledge. You create quality work and you know this. Allow your gifts to flourish and flow because doing so will bring abundance into your life.

7 of Swords
You aren’t being deceitful to anyone are you? Watch what you say or do this month. Or maybe someone may be the one to deceive you. Make sure to watch your back with others this month. If you have a bad feeling about someone or a situation, it is more than likely your gut telling you to pay attention. Be prepared and stay alert. Just because someone tricked you, doesn’t mean you trick them back. Take the high road. Your spirit will appreciate that.

2 of Swords
Choices, choices, choices! You are at a stalemate this month as to which direction is best for you. Looking at all options fully is ideal here, but don’t stress yourself out. Pick the solution that is best for you at this time. Know that each choice has pros and cons, but find the path you feel is right. No choice is a mistake, just a learning experience.

8 of Cups
It is time to leave your comfort zone. How will you know what is over that mountain of fear if you don’t give it a chance? Staying hidden isn’t in your best interest right now. Just do it. If it is a bad experience, know it is just a lesson. Then learn how to correct such a lesson. Take a deep breath and climb that mountain!

Son of Swords
It is time you take charge! This month calls for it. You need to take charge and deal with the issues as they come. Don’t wait around for things to come to you. You need to step up to the plate this time around. Take control of your life this month. Where will it lead? Let’s find out!