When Your Card of the Day is Freaky Accurate!

So yesterday I pulled a card of the day and got 3 of Air from “The Good Tarot” which is the 3 of Swords in regular tarot. In “The Good Tarot” however the cards have a bit of optimism in them even if they seem grim in the Rider Waite versions. Which you can always find a positive result in a negative card, at least I can.

In the book for the 3 of Air it basically states that there could be a silver lining for something better to come. Rejection is Spirits’ protection.

So my coven and I were to do the full moon ritual on Saturday. We had to move it from Friday because of scheduling conflicts. Well today I had to cancel it because mentally I was drained. My mind was achy. I tried to ground myself all day long and couldn’t. Then my son was in one of his moods. So I chalked it off as a Full Moon issue. I can handle my son, that is no problem, but the intense mental feeling I could not budge at all. It just felt like my mind was being sucked out and it was throbbing. Well I figured I should cancel the ritual all together because I am not with it and I want to be at 100%. It is extremely rare that I cancel. Last time I did was last year with the snow we had. So very rare.

We recently had a new member join our coven. She seemed nice and eager to be a part of our family. I explained where we started, how we began, what I rules were and so forth and she seemed OK with it. She gave me her address as I was to pick her up. I told her I was sorry, but I can’t do the ritual tonight so I had to cancel it and apologized. She then asked the history of our coven, which again I told her. Then she asked how many members we had, which with her would have been 6 and another one wanting to join. She then asked me how I can do my spiritual practices with my toddler around? I am like…what does my son have to do with this?

Then she went off. I ruined her week with her husband because she had to plan this out to be here and I thought I was to pick her up? I don’t understand that part of it, but OK? Then she went off on a tangent. I told her well I am sorry we aren’t right for her, and I wished her the best and removed her from the coven Facebook page. She then resorted to name calling and called me a “lazy flake”.  Now I never called her a name, screenshots and saved conversation on Facebook to prove it. So I let her be. I was nice to her wished her well and let it be.

She then came back at me again saying she hopes I wasn’t practicing Magic. That I would bring in Demons and so forth. I am sitting here like, look who is calling the kettle black? I never called her any name whatsoever. I was close and those who know me, know what kind of a Witch I am. I follow the Gray, Do No Harm, but Take No Shit.  As she was spewing her lewdness at me, and using Hecate on me (which Hecate and I have a personal relationship as it is), I told her that yes I do practice magic and that evil spirits cling to those who make fun of others and call people names. Basically they are at a lower vibration. I also told her may the mirror reflect to her her true self and left it at that. Plus blocked her from contacting me again.

Again…”Spirits’ Rejection for my Protection!” Yes it hurt. Yes I was furious. Yes I may have cursed her a bit, but I redid what I said to myself and sent it out. I have to CYA (cover your ass).  But I am thankful. I am thankful that the Universe gave me the mental exhaustion and a wild toddler for the day to help me avoid bringing that type of negativity to my coven.  I thanked the Universe privately and publicly!

If you get the 3 of Swords, know it is for the best!