Free Tarot Reading? Sorry Free Doesn’t Pay My Bills!

A friend of mine on Facebook reminded me of something I want to get across to those who ask for a free tarot reading and that is free doesn’t pay my bills!

I know it may sound harsh or brutal, but lets look at this further.

Learning tarot takes time and patience. Just like when you go to school. You have to learn a certain skill. Sometimes you have to work overtime to learn said skill.

Using intuition takes energy. You feel it coursing through your energy field and, most of the time, it can be down right draining to where you need to lay down or have a snack. At least in my case.

My time, my energy, is what you are paying for. You are paying me to enter your energy field, to conduct a reading, in order to help you along your journey. Naturally, because this is a skill, compensation is asked for. Yes it is a gift, just like a artist has a gift or a crafts person has a gift. It doesn’t mean they should give away their art for free does it? No! So why would you expect a tarot reader, who also studied and worked on their gifts, to give that away for free?

So be respectful. This is someone’s livelihood. Doing what one loves to do, read the cards and guide others to heal their situations. Doing what makes their heart sing. There are new readers out there every day and they are charging less than what most are who can give you insights you desire. Check out their style, their feedback if they have any.  A good reading can come from someone charging $20/hour or $5 per 15 minutes to $200/hour or $50 per 15 minutes. Just make sure to check out their style and what they offer along with any feedback. Some even offer free readings with feedback!

Those who use a phone service site may NOT be making what is listed above price wise! You may think they are making $2.99/minute, but really only $0.62/minute to even $1.50/minute. Some places only pay 20% from total price or even 50%. So that could be why that phone site has a high price per minute. Always research and ask!

Plus…many don’t bring home what they charge per hour. Some are lucky they bring in 10% per hour at times. So don’t think that if someone is charging $20/hour that they are making bank. Many aren’t. I am not saying look at the negative, but it is truth.

So think before you ask for a “free tarot reading” as they may need the money to feed their family or make sure they have a roof over their head…