Working on a few ideas…

I am currently working on a few ideas to offer you. I am testing out these ideas before I even try to offer them to the public. Reason being is that I want to make sure that they work or can work. This may be a 3 month process and I may have these available by the end of the year or the beginning of the new.

I am for helping others in need. That is my dream, my passion. I am also one to help those who are struggling in their life for whatever reason and as long as it is IN reason. There are some subjects I refuse to touch or mess with and hold a firm grip on reality.

That being said, I am all for coaching, counseling, in their lives. I am not one to judge, but will tell you where you should be heading for a happier life of fulfillment.

Which is why I am testing out a few things. I may only have 1 out of the 3 I am doing that will give positive results and that is OK. I don’t like to offer something that I feel won’t be beneficial to anyone. So keep an eye out for these if you wish.

I am also figuring out how to do these in PDF format! Hahaha! So many ideas and so little time.

Soon I will also be selling wrapped jewels as well. Selenite is on my list mainly. I am going to create my own spiritual Selenite wire wrapped pendant to see how well I do first, before offering it to you. I am also getting a strong calling to work with Selenite and Black Tourmaline for this task I have in my mind. I will have them available on my Etsy store once I feel confident in my wire wrapping skills. I will only offer a small quantity of pieces as well.  This is to help me not be burned out and also not to over work myself. My goal is to have at least 10 to start with each month. These pieces, however, will go through a regimen of purification, programming, and a rebirth to help the buyer with whatever I have programmed them with. There will be no cord, chain, for these as that will be the client’s call. It will be for the pendant only.

So expect to see some exciting things from me in the next 3 months or so. I will update this blog once I am confidently able to offer these services.

Tarot Card of the Day: 4 of Orbs

Tarot Card of the Day:
4 of Orbs
The Sirian Starseed Tarot

All the noise going on in the world is wearing you down. It’s time to connect with yourself. Meditate and work on calming the mind. Self care is needed today.


Weekly Reading for 06/26/17 to 07/02/17 The Anubis Oracle

Weekly Reading for 06/26/17 to 07/02/17
The Anubis Oracle

This week is all about self care. Not just physically, but spiritually, mentally, emotionally. It’s time for a check up and review what areas in your life need a review. Also need to work on your chakras as well.

Tarot Card of the Day: V The Hierophant

Tarot Card of the Day:
V The Hierophant
The Starchild Tarot

May seek some spiritual guidance today. Learn from spiritual teachers. Maybe someone may need your spiritual guidance.

Set Your New Moon Intention! New Moon in Cancer!

🌚New Moon in Cancer at 8:30PM tonight.
What is your Intention? DON’T TELL ANYONE NOT EVEN THOSE CLOSE TO YOU! They may unintentionally cause negative energy to your goal, by saying “yea right” or “I know they mean well but they can never accomplish what they want to.” You don’t need that negative energy to hamper your goals!
Keep it small if you are new to this. You can list more than one, but you MUST keep track of them all.
How can you get your intention to grow? List your ways to make this a reality. Step one is always to tell the Universe.
You should also consider:
What would it feel like?
What would it sound like?
What would it be like?
What would it taste like?
What would it sound like?
Use all of your senses.
Repeat your senses every damn day! Visualize it. If it is a new car, visualize you driving your new car. Even the insides of it. Apply the above senses.
If you keep seeing a sequence of numbers, look them up. Find out what they can mean.
Ask yourself (sit quietly and listen and the first answers you hear or feel are what you need to know) or your tarot/oracle cards:
What are the energies right now?
What challenges await me to obtain my intention?
What is the advice for making my intention a reality?
Possible outcome?
Carry a clear quartz crystal if you can to help amplify your desires. Light a candle if you wish. Rub with olive oil, coconut oil or whatever you have on hand and roll in some herbs to help. Color of candle can be white. For money use green type herbs if you have them on hand to roll the oiled candle in. Bay is excellent. For love, cinnamon is great. Write an abundance check to the universe with the memo filled as your intention.
Do a check in every 7 days or so.
Where are you now?
How can you adjust your plan to make it better?
And again, ask yourself (sit quietly and listen) or your tarot/oracle cards:
What are the energies right now?
What challenges await me to obtain my intention?
What is the advice for making my intention a reality?
Possible outcome?
At the Dark Moon, release and revise if it didn’t pan out how it should and restart again on the next New Moon if you wish. Did you slack off on your visualization? Did something cause you to lose your focus? Did you half-ass it? Lazy? It doesn’t mean you are a failure, it just means you are realizing what you need to eliminate for things to happen.
The more you stay on top of this, the better!🌚

Tarot Card of the Day: 10 of Pentacles

Tarot Card of the Day:
10 of Pentacles
The Deviant Moon Tarot

Building a financial future for your family. Having wealth. Able to take care of those you care about.

Don’t forget to do your abundance checks and set your intentions for this New Moon!


Message from the Faeries for Litha aka Summer Solstice

Message from the Faeries for Litha aka Summer Solstice:
38 Laiste, Moon’s Daughter
Faeries’ Oracle
Stop refusing the changes that are coming into your life. It is needed in order for you to move forward to your next step. It is needed as a learning experience.


Tarot Card of the Day: V The Hierophant

Tarot Card of the Day:
V The Hierophant
The Universal Waite Tarot

Have you been slacking on your spiritual journey? A sign you may need to get back on track. If you feel stuck in your life right now, then finding a mentor or counselor may be your answer. Or maybe you are the one that someone may seek.


Weekly Tarot Reading for 06/19/17 to 06/25/17

We are getting hit double time this week! We have the Summer Solstice on Tuesday and a SUPER New Moon on Friday! I thought since Summer brings in the Fairies, that it would be a good time to converse with them for the weekly tarot reading this week! Let’s see what these playful, mischievous, nature beings want us to know!

For this weekly tarot reading, I used “Healing with the Fairies” by Doreen Virtue as the theme and “Fairy Tarot” by Radleigh Valentine & Doreen Virtue for the insights.

Theme: Kick Up Your Heels
Can you even guess the theme? Look good and hard here? What do you see in this card? The unicorn is being playful and having fun! Childlike fun. When is the last time you had fun? Apparently it has been a debate from what the other cards show. Let’s get into that as this week is all about having fun and being playful.

Energy: 2 of Winter
You have been debating on things to do. Should you do this, do that? Is this the right path? You are being pulled in different directions unknown what path to go. What choice would make YOU happy? You can always go a different route you know?

Challenge: 4 of Summer
The answer you seek is RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF YOU! Are you paying attention? Are you ignoring the signs? Are you asking for a sign and not accepting it? Is ego in your way? More than likely so. You may also seem discontent with life as if it isn’t going as well as you plan. This is where the fun needs to come in. Need to make life more fun.

Advice: 4 of Autumn
You can’t take your money with you and yet you may feel you have to hold on to every damn dime that is in your hands. This is also a sign that you are valuing greed over fun. The advice here is to HAVE MORE FUN! There are ways you can have fun for free. Walking in your neighborhood. Go to the mall and browse. Go to a local beach if possible. Get out of the house and live a little. Feel free and not confined. Really look at the nature around you. Bushes, plants, trees. Just sit on the grass and watch how nature works! Get out and have some fun! Even a few moments staring at the stars at night can help boost you! Empower YOU this week. Have some fun. If it is raining jump in a puddle. Walk in the rain. Bask in the sun for a few minutes. Feel like a kid again and remember that FREE feeling!

Never Piss Off a Witch! Never!

So today as I woke up at 4:44AM MST, got my morning go go juice aka coffee, pulled my daily card which was Messenger of Fire, I decided to go ahead and check my e-mail.

I got a request for a spell to reverse time. Cute! Yea sure, I will give you a spell that will fuck up everyone else just so you get what you want. Lovely. I told her nope as that affects all and advised her to go to Archangel Metatron to help her slow time, but know that it won’t last very long. Her reply was “Bitch” and that was that.

*sigh* As if I haven’t been called worse things, but she must have me in a class of Witches who bless with love and light no matter what.


I am a Celestial, Storm, Gray Witch. The part that should be ‘oh my’ is the part that says “gray”.  A gray knows there is balance within magic, nature, the world, and beyond. The motto of “Do no harm, but take no shit” is our creed.  So I just said this to myself:
May the mirror reflect her true self so she may see what she needs to change for happiness to flow.

Not to harm, but to awaken the soul within and not take the shit. Sure I was too nice, but ya know you have to have a tad bit of compassion and pity for souls that do not know what or who they are dealing with.
Do not summon what ye can’t banish!

So I advise not to summon a Witch, call a Witch a name, and expect to be blessed with love, light, unicorns, & glitter as it won’t fly for some.