Wisdom Wednesday: Embrace Your Shadow to End Ego Talk

Now hear me out! Don’t diss this just yet. It is important to embrace your shadow because it can end that ego talk. How? By creating a balance in your life.

Get a sheet of paper and write down everything about yourself you don’t like and have tried to hide. For example, you may crave power, wealth. Manipulate your way to the top! Maybe you fear your true power. Fear your own self. But write down it all. Get it out there in the open. Be real. Be raw.

Now how can you incorporate this in your life that can bring a neutrality to shut the ego talk down? If you notice the more good you do, the more that ego talks and tries to put you down or brings up the negative. That ego is like a child. Wants to be noticed. Wants to be acknowledged. It is also a part of you that needs to be dealt with and talked to. Ignoring it just makes the ego yell louder at you. Sound familiar? 😉 Like a child. Embrace this part of you. Just don’t allow that child to overcome your positive nature.