Happy Mother’s Day: My Story

Happy Mother’s Day my friends.

I wanted to share my story as to being a Mother. I hope this gives those of you out there some hope.

When I was 23, I was told I was infertile. That I couldn’t have children. I used to dread this day. I always tried to call myself a mother to my pets, but it still left a hole within me. I eventually got over not being a mother to celebrate Mother’s Day and just lived my life to as best as my abilities.

Then I missed a cycle…
*Pfft* “Again?” I thought to myself and always thing to myself because my cycles have had missed starting dates. I would test myself after 3 days…then after 5 days…then after 7 days…and still the tests would come back negative. I wasn’t pregnant. May 2015 I waited 10 days. So I took a pregnancy test…*POSITIVE*…no can’t be. Must be a fake. Took another pregnancy test and this time was a name brand…*POSITIVE*…seriously? This has to be a joke right? Finally reached for the digital test by name brand…*2-3 Pregnant* which meant weeks.

First person in my family I told was my aunt Doris.
“Hello! How are you?”
“I’m pregnant!”
Then the phone got handed to everyone that was at her house. Everyone goes to my aunt Doris’ house.  So I told everyone the news.

It still felt weird…am I really, truly pregnant?

Wasn’t until I saw the ultrasound that I cried my eyes out with belief. I was blessed with a baby.  Bouncing around. I never craved food. Never was in any discomfort. The only thing I complained about was having to move my steering wheel up so my belly would fit.

I was in pain for delivery as the epidural didn’t take. Had to have the spinal which was a godsend! I felt no pain at all. Which was also nice since I have osteoarthritis in my knees and felt pain free for a short bit of time. Now I look back, the pain wasn’t that bad really. I wasn’t in labor all that long. Had a c-section. I’ve had many surgeries in the past so it wasn’t that bad. Only other complaint was hoping the nurses would let me sleep for a couple of hours. I didn’t want to fall asleep with my baby in my arms.

I just hope that anyone out there that is wondering about getting pregnant, it can be possible. I didn’t use any drugs though to help me get pregnant. Just happened…

Keep the faith and if you can’t get pregnant, adopt! There are many children out there that need loving, patient parents.