Wisdom Wednesday: Self Care

This Wisdom Wednesday I thought I would touch on the topic of self care. Many of us are always TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (enough O’s there?) busy to take care of ourselves or we are too stressed out to consider ourselves. Why? We take care of others all the time, why can’t we splurge a bit and care for ourselves? Good question! Because we have it programmed in our minds and with the universe that we do not truly matter but others do. Have you stopped for a moment to consider that no one really takes care of us? Maybe the basics, if we are lucky, just never fully. A nice 30 minute bath? Fixing our hair? Getting a haircut? Maybe a once a month pamper session? Instead we are doing it all for others it seems.

It isn’t selfish to want to make yourself feel human, loved, and appreciated even if it only comes from you.

Take some time today and do some self care. You will be glad you did and feel a bit energetic by allowing yourself to receive this wonderful benefit.