Weekly Reading for 05/29/17 to 06/04/17

Weekly Reading for 05/29/17 to 06/04/17

This week be prepared to overcome your obstacles. Know that the only way to go is up!

This reading kinda runs together like a sentence for this week. You may have felt you needed to rest your mind, body, and soul this week (4 of Swords), because you had to take charge of certain situations and still are defending your choices (9 of Wands).  Know that you are ready to create something new or have a new start this week (III The Empress) and the only way to go is up (10 of Swords) as the clouds are finally departing from your situation.

Prices for Tarot, Oracle, Angel Card Readings Updated

Please note that pricing for my services can change at anytime.

As of 05/18/17, I have revised my prices for tarot, oracle, angel card readings as follows:

Skype Chat Only Prices (Schedule between 5PM-9PM MST):
15 Minutes: $10.00
30 Minutes: $20.00
60 Minutes: $40.00

Skype Webcam Prices (Schedule between 5PM-9PM MST):
15 Minutes: $15.00
30 Minutes: $30.00
60 Minutes: $60.00

E-mail Readings:
3 Card Spread: $10.00
4 Card Spread: $13.00
Simple Cross: $20.00
Celtic Cross: $40.00
Please make sure to e-mail me first at themoonmystic@gmail.com with the reading of your choice before payment.

Paypal is accepted.

Wisdom Wednesday: Embrace Your Shadow to End Ego Talk

Now hear me out! Don’t diss this just yet. It is important to embrace your shadow because it can end that ego talk. How? By creating a balance in your life.

Get a sheet of paper and write down everything about yourself you don’t like and have tried to hide. For example, you may crave power, wealth. Manipulate your way to the top! Maybe you fear your true power. Fear your own self. But write down it all. Get it out there in the open. Be real. Be raw.

Now how can you incorporate this in your life that can bring a neutrality to shut the ego talk down? If you notice the more good you do, the more that ego talks and tries to put you down or brings up the negative. That ego is like a child. Wants to be noticed. Wants to be acknowledged. It is also a part of you that needs to be dealt with and talked to. Ignoring it just makes the ego yell louder at you. Sound familiar? 😉 Like a child. Embrace this part of you. Just don’t allow that child to overcome your positive nature.

Weekly Reading 05/15/17 to 05/21/17

Warning: This weeks reading shows that there is a lot of energy all over the place. So for this weekly reading please try to refrain from conflicts if possible. Unless you need to be assertive for your own needs.  Using Deviant Moon Tarot.

Energies coming in: 10 of Wands, Reversed.
You want to have no anxiety, no stress. You seek to release your burdens and not worry.
Challenge: Page of Cups, Reversed.
Be aware there are going to be those who are immature and try to ruin your parade. May even try to ruin your happiness. Could even be a spoiled child in your life.
Advice: Ace of Wands, Reversed.
No. Don’t do it. Don’t release your frustrations on others. You can be assertive, but make sure it won’t trigger a fuse within you to where you go crazy on them.
Outcome: 7 of Cups
There will be so many choices you can choose from to not engage in a fight or conflict. You can breath a lot easier as well. Remember you have choices and you have consequences of your choices. Weigh the good and bad before you decide which path to go to.

Happy Mother’s Day: My Story

Happy Mother’s Day my friends.

I wanted to share my story as to being a Mother. I hope this gives those of you out there some hope.

When I was 23, I was told I was infertile. That I couldn’t have children. I used to dread this day. I always tried to call myself a mother to my pets, but it still left a hole within me. I eventually got over not being a mother to celebrate Mother’s Day and just lived my life to as best as my abilities.

Then I missed a cycle…
*Pfft* “Again?” I thought to myself and always thing to myself because my cycles have had missed starting dates. I would test myself after 3 days…then after 5 days…then after 7 days…and still the tests would come back negative. I wasn’t pregnant. May 2015 I waited 10 days. So I took a pregnancy test…*POSITIVE*…no can’t be. Must be a fake. Took another pregnancy test and this time was a name brand…*POSITIVE*…seriously? This has to be a joke right? Finally reached for the digital test by name brand…*2-3 Pregnant* which meant weeks.

First person in my family I told was my aunt Doris.
“Hello! How are you?”
“I’m pregnant!”
Then the phone got handed to everyone that was at her house. Everyone goes to my aunt Doris’ house.  So I told everyone the news.

It still felt weird…am I really, truly pregnant?

Wasn’t until I saw the ultrasound that I cried my eyes out with belief. I was blessed with a baby.  Bouncing around. I never craved food. Never was in any discomfort. The only thing I complained about was having to move my steering wheel up so my belly would fit.

I was in pain for delivery as the epidural didn’t take. Had to have the spinal which was a godsend! I felt no pain at all. Which was also nice since I have osteoarthritis in my knees and felt pain free for a short bit of time. Now I look back, the pain wasn’t that bad really. I wasn’t in labor all that long. Had a c-section. I’ve had many surgeries in the past so it wasn’t that bad. Only other complaint was hoping the nurses would let me sleep for a couple of hours. I didn’t want to fall asleep with my baby in my arms.

I just hope that anyone out there that is wondering about getting pregnant, it can be possible. I didn’t use any drugs though to help me get pregnant. Just happened…

Keep the faith and if you can’t get pregnant, adopt! There are many children out there that need loving, patient parents.

Wisdom Wednesday: Letting Go

This Wisdom Wednesday I thought I would talk about letting go. Letting go of things that are not serving our higher purpose and goals. Getting out of a horrible job. Finding a better relationship. Maybe even just saying, “Yes I have time to meditate.” Just to let go of something that isn’t serving our highest goals.

For me it is letting go of old business ties. There are things I did to “make money” and honestly it felt nasty, dirty, and I felt that it wasn’t the right way or path for me. So instead, I decided to go with my gifts and talents. Yes, tarot reading is my gift and talent. I am very good at it, make a decent living, and am free of feeling that I am not helping others only hindering them. The air is so refreshing changing my path to something more aligned with my soul. I feel I am making a difference for others in their time of need. Helping them see the light when they can’t see it themselves.

My favorite card to illustrate this point is the 9 of Bats from the Halloween Tarot which is the equivalent of the 9 of Swords. Here is a picture I grabbed online. Look at it and then read below it:

This is a card of grief, despair, insomnia, not seeing the light. If you look on her bed, there is a picture of the Sun. That means there is always tomorrow. You can always change your circumstances if you choose to. You don’t have to wait till tomorrow, you can change them now.

Know that you can always let go and change your path, destiny is yours to take. Never allow others, or yourself, to say otherwise.

In Celestial Love & Light,

Brandy 🙂


Weekly Tarot Reading for 05/08/17 to 05/14/17

Weekly Tarot Reading for 05/08/17 to 05/14/17 talks about coming into your own. Setting out your own journey and accept yourself for who you are.

I am feeling a bit of needing some angelic advice for this week’s reading so I went with “Healing with the Angels” oracle deck and “Angel Tarot”.

Self Acceptance talks about…well…accepting yourself. All the flaws, imperfections you may see are just divine perfections. They make you to be you. Being your true self and acknowledge that you are a wonderful being can help you achieve your highest potential.

2 of Fire aka 2 of Wands talks about setting out on your own. Being your own person. Walking your journey and looking to what the world may have in store for you.

Embrace yourself right now! Let go of fear and embrace your journey. Only you can walk the path. Only you can move forward in your life. Embrace you and look to what the world wants to offer you. This can be with home, career, love…the most important thing is to do what you wish to do and to forgive yourself for what you felt you lacked, but was a blessing in disguise.

Wisdom Wednesday: Self Care

This Wisdom Wednesday I thought I would touch on the topic of self care. Many of us are always TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (enough O’s there?) busy to take care of ourselves or we are too stressed out to consider ourselves. Why? We take care of others all the time, why can’t we splurge a bit and care for ourselves? Good question! Because we have it programmed in our minds and with the universe that we do not truly matter but others do. Have you stopped for a moment to consider that no one really takes care of us? Maybe the basics, if we are lucky, just never fully. A nice 30 minute bath? Fixing our hair? Getting a haircut? Maybe a once a month pamper session? Instead we are doing it all for others it seems.

It isn’t selfish to want to make yourself feel human, loved, and appreciated even if it only comes from you.

Take some time today and do some self care. You will be glad you did and feel a bit energetic by allowing yourself to receive this wonderful benefit.

Weekly Reading for 05/01/17 to 05/07/17

Weekly Reading for 05/01/17 to 05/07/17

Ace of Pentacles, Reversed
Radiant Waite Tarot
Just because this card is reversed doesn’t mean that it can’t be changed. Be aware of opportunities that present themselves to you. Also be positive for future endeavors. Keep a open mind to ideas that come your way. Reflect on positive financial affirmations. So flip this card upright.