Tarot Tip: Why Intuition is Better than Description in Booklet?

I thought I would share this tarot tip with you newbies out there.

Many get lost in all 78 cards, wanting to read in reverse, thinking that they may be wrong in their readings so they are constantly referring to the booklet…more than they should. This tarot tip should help you SEE better.

You will need:
A journal of some sort as it is better to write down your musings.
Your deck of tarot cards.
Your little white booklet that gives the meanings of your tarot cards.

Now you can either pull out a card to journal or just start with 0 The Fool and go in order of your book. Some tarot decks have 0 The Fool card at the end. There is no wrong way to do this. This will help you grasp your readings.

So let’s look at 0 The Fool card for example. Without looking at the booklet with meanings, look at the card and write down everything you SEE, HEAR, FEEL, SMELL…every little thing that comes forth as you view this card.  Give yourself a good 10-15 minutes as you take the time to study this card. How would this card relate to love, job, friendship, relationships with family? Write down everything you can. Even if you feel it is not worth it, trust me it is.

Now look at the booklet. Were you close to the meanings? Did you discover new meanings? There is no wrong way to do this exercise and your written thoughts aren’t wrong either. This is how you see this card. This is helpful for you to do readings for others by using your intuition. Now continue this step with the rest of the cards. Try to do at least 1 a day.

And that’s your tarot tip! Hope it helps you!