Wisdom Wednesday: When You Feel a Change in the Air…

My boyfriend and I felt really strange yesterday. As if there was a change in the air. Something just seemed off. We talked about our day. Mine feeling as if my heart was alive. I don’t mean beating and doing it’s job, I mean it felt ALIVE. As if it wanted to spring out of my chest and be on its own and enjoy life more. Invigorated I guess would be the word here. His day however dealt with really strange clients having the oddest situations and requests. You would think it was a full moon as he said.

These are times where we need to be grounded. Need to get a change of scenery. We had a discussion that maybe we need to explore our surroundings more. Go out, window shop…just something to get out of the house. Go to the park and have lunch. We just need to break free. I have to agree. Sure I love my alone time when I can get it, but in reality I do need to be out more.

Our agenda right now this week is to see about getting a stroller for our son who is 15 months old now. We had one, but it broke due to the age of it. So I am going to get one brand new and explore the world around us. Go to the park, to the mall, just somewhere that we can roam around at. Maybe even through downtown. I think the air will do us good to break free from the day to day life we seem to be on routine for.

If you feel the same way, I suggest to take a moment and visit nature. If you have limited mobility, see if someone can assist you or open the curtains and enjoy what the day brings ahead. Be full of gratitude for this blessed day! 🙂