Wisdom Wednesday: When NOT to Consult a Psychic or Tarot Reader

I read an article today that listed 10 times not to consult a psychic. I thought that the list was definitely true, but there could be much more to be added. Here is my own personal list.

  • When you want to know how someone feels about you. That is like spying on someone’s phone, email or mail. Why not ask them?
  • When you want to know what someone, like your ex, is doing. It isn’t your business. They moved on with their life, you need to as well. Stop giving away your power.
  • When will they call. Remember the Spirit realm doesn’t keep time like we humans do here on earth. Sure some may guess and get it right, but remember time doesn’t exist to our guides.
  • When will you get pregnant. Again see the top. Plus this is a medical question best suited for a doctor.
  • When will you win the lottery.  Again time/spirit issue here. Plus that is a chance game that I don’t even recommend playing. Think of all the negative energy that is being spent to try to win the money and then think about those that DO win and what happens in their life. Consequences of buying into the negative energies.
  • If you are going reader hopping in hopes that they will give you the answer you desire. That means you jump from reader to reader expecting a certain answer to your liking. Go to one and give it 2 months before you ask the same question again.
  • If you are told that you need to spend more money for the results you want. Such as removing a curse. Here is a hint, curses only work if you fear them and believe them. Let go of the fear and live your life. Yes it is that simple!
  • You are too emotionally charged with a situation and can’t think clearly. Your energy is scattered about and the reader may have issues trying to pinpoint your path. Try to center yourself before you get a reading.
  • When you are scared that a reader will tell you something bad. Again scattered energy here.
  • Some don’t like yes/no questions as that is a very gray area. If you were to ask if a ex will come back it could be yes, but will it be in this lifetime or the next? Hmmmm….again maybe you should go on with your life and see what the universe brings you.

I hope this list gives you some idea. I may add to it, but for right now here are the major ones.