Weekly Reading for 04/24/17 to 04/30/17

Weekly Reading for 04/24/17 to 04/30/17

This week is about honoring your power and release what holds you back.

The theme XV Lunar Eclipse with Sovereignty from Spirit de la Lune oracle. This is about honoring your power and what you can achieve. Stop allowing your situation to hold you back or make excuses that aren’t in line with who you know who you are.

Energies for the week is 10 of Swords, Reversed. You need to let go of the fear and embrace the light coming forth. The clouds are moving away from the darkness within. Mental clarity will break up.
Challenge is IV The Emperor, Reversed. You lack stability right now. You need to find your structure and path that you wish to take. New moon happens this week so start making intentions to how you want things to go. Make a plan. Put your positive energy into the mix.
Advice is XIII Transformation. Let go. Do it now…let it go. Let go of what is holding you back from your life. Learn to be yourself. Stop trying to please others especially if it makes you unhappy. This is the need to release attachments that are not serving you. To be free. Write down the things you wish to release this New Moon and let it go. Be who you wish. Want to dye your hair? Then do it and be bold! Want to try a new career? Then look into it and work on doing a transition to it.

The others opinion of you is none of your business!


Tarot Tip: Why Intuition is Better than Description in Booklet?

I thought I would share this tarot tip with you newbies out there.

Many get lost in all 78 cards, wanting to read in reverse, thinking that they may be wrong in their readings so they are constantly referring to the booklet…more than they should. This tarot tip should help you SEE better.

You will need:
A journal of some sort as it is better to write down your musings.
Your deck of tarot cards.
Your little white booklet that gives the meanings of your tarot cards.

Now you can either pull out a card to journal or just start with 0 The Fool and go in order of your book. Some tarot decks have 0 The Fool card at the end. There is no wrong way to do this. This will help you grasp your readings.

So let’s look at 0 The Fool card for example. Without looking at the booklet with meanings, look at the card and write down everything you SEE, HEAR, FEEL, SMELL…every little thing that comes forth as you view this card.  Give yourself a good 10-15 minutes as you take the time to study this card. How would this card relate to love, job, friendship, relationships with family? Write down everything you can. Even if you feel it is not worth it, trust me it is.

Now look at the booklet. Were you close to the meanings? Did you discover new meanings? There is no wrong way to do this exercise and your written thoughts aren’t wrong either. This is how you see this card. This is helpful for you to do readings for others by using your intuition. Now continue this step with the rest of the cards. Try to do at least 1 a day.

And that’s your tarot tip! Hope it helps you!

Wisdom Wednesday: When You Feel a Change in the Air…

My boyfriend and I felt really strange yesterday. As if there was a change in the air. Something just seemed off. We talked about our day. Mine feeling as if my heart was alive. I don’t mean beating and doing it’s job, I mean it felt ALIVE. As if it wanted to spring out of my chest and be on its own and enjoy life more. Invigorated I guess would be the word here. His day however dealt with really strange clients having the oddest situations and requests. You would think it was a full moon as he said.

These are times where we need to be grounded. Need to get a change of scenery. We had a discussion that maybe we need to explore our surroundings more. Go out, window shop…just something to get out of the house. Go to the park and have lunch. We just need to break free. I have to agree. Sure I love my alone time when I can get it, but in reality I do need to be out more.

Our agenda right now this week is to see about getting a stroller for our son who is 15 months old now. We had one, but it broke due to the age of it. So I am going to get one brand new and explore the world around us. Go to the park, to the mall, just somewhere that we can roam around at. Maybe even through downtown. I think the air will do us good to break free from the day to day life we seem to be on routine for.

If you feel the same way, I suggest to take a moment and visit nature. If you have limited mobility, see if someone can assist you or open the curtains and enjoy what the day brings ahead. Be full of gratitude for this blessed day! 🙂

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Card of the Week for 04/17/17 to 04/23/17

Card of the Week for 04/17/17 to 04/23/17

Mother (Queen) of Pentacles
The Wild Unknown Tarot

May have to nurture others this week. It’s time to let your healing gifts shine. If you’ve been feeling like your energy is all over the place, you need to spend some time in nature to ground. Do what I do and hug a tree! You may also need to find a balance for your career and family life.


Wisdom Wednesday: When NOT to Consult a Psychic or Tarot Reader

I read an article today that listed 10 times not to consult a psychic. I thought that the list was definitely true, but there could be much more to be added. Here is my own personal list.

  • When you want to know how someone feels about you. That is like spying on someone’s phone, email or mail. Why not ask them?
  • When you want to know what someone, like your ex, is doing. It isn’t your business. They moved on with their life, you need to as well. Stop giving away your power.
  • When will they call. Remember the Spirit realm doesn’t keep time like we humans do here on earth. Sure some may guess and get it right, but remember time doesn’t exist to our guides.
  • When will you get pregnant. Again see the top. Plus this is a medical question best suited for a doctor.
  • When will you win the lottery.  Again time/spirit issue here. Plus that is a chance game that I don’t even recommend playing. Think of all the negative energy that is being spent to try to win the money and then think about those that DO win and what happens in their life. Consequences of buying into the negative energies.
  • If you are going reader hopping in hopes that they will give you the answer you desire. That means you jump from reader to reader expecting a certain answer to your liking. Go to one and give it 2 months before you ask the same question again.
  • If you are told that you need to spend more money for the results you want. Such as removing a curse. Here is a hint, curses only work if you fear them and believe them. Let go of the fear and live your life. Yes it is that simple!
  • You are too emotionally charged with a situation and can’t think clearly. Your energy is scattered about and the reader may have issues trying to pinpoint your path. Try to center yourself before you get a reading.
  • When you are scared that a reader will tell you something bad. Again scattered energy here.
  • Some don’t like yes/no questions as that is a very gray area. If you were to ask if a ex will come back it could be yes, but will it be in this lifetime or the next? Hmmmm….again maybe you should go on with your life and see what the universe brings you.

I hope this list gives you some idea. I may add to it, but for right now here are the major ones.

Card of the Week for 04/10/17 to 04/16/17: Ace of Wands, Reversed

Card of the Week for 04/10/17 to 04/16/17

Ace of Wands, Reversed
The Starchild Tarot
04/09/17 we started Mercury Retrograde which will last till 05/03/17. The Ace of Wands, Reversed, comes with a perfect message at this time:
Review your plans before you execute them! Do they need a revision? Are there any possible hangups and if so, do you have a plan to fix them? This card is also an instant answer “no” if you asked a yes or no question. There could also be lack of inspiration this week so you may need to look within to see where the problem is and work to resolve it.

Wisdom Wednesday: Be Childlike

This Wisdom Wednesday, I want to talk to you about being childlike. The innocence in exploring new things in life. How it creates the awe of wonder.

Monday night my lil man, Xander, went to stay with his grandmother and aunt for the night. Tuesday (yesterday) we had a snow storm here in Pueblo. I do not like driving in the snow. I don’t mind looking at the wonderful white wonderland that covers the land, but I can’t stand driving in it. Mostly because of other driver. Well, just as fast as we got the snow, it started melting almost as fast. Roads were dry in most places. So I went ahead and drove to pick him up. It is a 20 minute drive to his grandma’s house, but they usually get more snow than us, which was also the same for this day. As I pulled up in the driveway, Xander and his aunt were throwing snow balls. The look on his face was priceless of how in awe he was in this new discovery. He turned one on January 10 of this year. He was just playing in the snow and laughing. He even ate his first snow ball like many of us have done in our past.

As I watched him have fun, it dawned on me how we no longer have that childlike awe anymore. We are always in a hurry or too busy to notice the wonders around us. The magic in our world. We never stop to look at things. We never reflect. We never jump up and down for excitement when we see something we like. It’s like we are meant to have our head in the clouds of life and not notice what is around us anymore. What makes us sing and laugh.

I am going to try to challenge myself at least once a day to enjoy what life gives in excitement. Be happy to smile. To be alive. To see the sun, the stars, the moon. To watch a frog hop or listen to a bird sing a tune. I miss the childlike awe and Xander proved that it is much needed not only in my life, but in yours as well. So put the phone down and look around your surroundings. Find the joy in the moment.

Tarot Card of the Week for 04/03/17 to 04/09/17: Knight of Pentacles

Tarot Card of the Week for 04/03/17 to 04/09/17

Knight of Pentacles
Radiant Rider – Waite Tarot
Slow and steady wins the race. Driven, but taking precautions. Staying grounded. A job offer may come into play if you are looking. Just know 04/09 is the start of Mercury Retrograde.