Wisdom Wednesday: We Are One Love

This Wisdom Wednesday I want to talk about love. Not a romantic love, but love as a whole.

I was reading “The Power of Love” by James Van Praagh yesterday and made a revelation within myself.  Which I do recommend reading by the way.

Now what if, we are here to learn to accept and love one another despite our differences? What if in a previous life we didn’t accept others or before we can move on in Spirit we have to learn to accept others differences and love them? No matter race, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities, mental illnesses…we need to learn to love one another. To have compassion and understanding. What if religion was created to try and hinder the process to see if we would just learn to accept no matter what is taught to us?

Have you noticed what happens when we don’t accept others as opposed to when we do?

I’ve always believed we are just souls in a physical body. We may or may not have been able to choose our gender, our race, our sexual orientation…and so forth. Or maybe we did to teach a lesson to other souls who are lost in the journey of accepting all with love?

Why can’t we love each other? What is keeping us from doing this? It seems like it is hard to love, but easier to hate doesn’t it? Hate is a strong word, I know, but lets just think on this. If you are sickened or disgusted by someone, why? Really look deep within. Why does that person disgust you? What would happen to you if you were to love the person, love the soul inside the physical body? How would you feel if you were to put yourself in their shoes?

Many of us don’t think like that do we? Some just have instant hatred and are not sure why. Maybe it is a lesson they must learn? Maybe they repeat these lessons each life time until they get it right so they can move on to the next plane?

Does this concept scare you or does it enlighten you?

What if within the cosmos, in other alien worlds, they are different but LOVE each other and we are the only planet that doesn’t? Like we are the bullying child planet? What would really happen to this world if we LOVE each other no matter our differences?

Makes me wonder…that’s for sure!

So practice love.
If you feel a disgust with someone, try to figure out on your own why? Is it their race? Is it their disposition? Is it their gender? Is it their sexual orientation? Write it down if needed. Dissect the thoughts you have. Try to find the true nature or cause. If you have messages coming within then write them down as they could be part of automatic writing coming from your Higher Self to better understand your current lifetime.
Then try to love that person or group of people.

Welcome unconditional love into your life!