Want to do a little Moon Magick?

I am going to be doing a bit of Moon Magick starting on the New Moon Mar 27, 2017 at 8:57 pm MST. So if you want to play along this is what you need to have:
A tarot or oracle deck or an app on your phone is OK. Or call/chat and ask me to draw the cards when needed.
A notebook and a pen/pencil.

Once you have your items, write at least 5 or 10 things you wish to manifest this moon cycle. Small to something large if you want. Just make sure to add something like cleaning the planet, world peace…something we all could benefit from. The rest, be selfish. Something small could be like finding $5.00. Something big getting a new car. What are 10 things you wish for.

Now once you have this list made you can either keep it in your journal, burn it (be careful), or bury it. Up to you. I personally keep it to the next moon cycle and I burn it after I have reviewed the list and checked off the things that have happened so I can add more if needed or wanted.

Then starting on March 27, pull a card asking about your intentions. If it seems like a negative card, don’t allow it to drown you down. It could just mean you need to remove mental blocks (8 of Swords) or this will shake up your world (XVI The Tower)! Write down your card regardless what it means. Meditate with it if needed.

Then follow this blog for information in regards to this Moon Magick cycle.

Good luck! 🙂