Wednesday Wisdom: My Soulmate is Married!

So you found the person of your dreams…but THEY ARE MARRIED!

This Wednesday Wisdom we will talk about why you shouldn’t get involved with someone who is married.

I had a client a long time ago who believed that she met the man of her dreams, plus there was a strong connection between her and him that she couldn’t place. She declared that this man was her soulmate. The bad news was he was married. She wanted to know when he would get a divorce so they can be together.

This situation didn’t need any type of psychic intervention, but girlfriend to girlfriend advice. First of all do they have kids? Yes. Well take into consideration the wife’s feelings. She either works or is home with the kids. She is drained. She has to take care of their kids and has little time for herself.  So she may have neglected him in the bedroom and he is fishing for lust, not love.

What makes you think he will treat you different if you were the same wife?


You may be soulmates, but ANYONE can be your soulmate. A soulmate is a soul you met in a previous life. Your dog could be a soulmate.  Your next door neighbor could be your soulmate. What it truly sounds like is this person “glamoured” you. If you know the story of vampires, glamour is a power they hold where they use their charm to get what they want or who they want. He could be a psychic vampire trying to get his needs met and not care about yours. I mean obviously he doesn’t care about his wife or his kids. Think about that…

Always put yourself in everyone involved shoes. The wife, the kids, and even him…would you still want to be with him?

Explaining it like this helps a lot of those of you, men included, who are in a situation where infatuation has taken a hold of your mind, heart & soul. Unable to see clearly the situation at hand. You should always look at everything and everyone involved. Even if you made a horrible choice, you can always leave the situation. Just make sure you remove the remains…social media, text, pictures, gifts and so forth. You aren’t worth the headache or heartache!