Wisdom Wednesday: HELP! I’M CURSED!

This is a common request I get. Where one feels that they are cursed or have a curse on them as things never go right. So this Wisdom Wednesday I am sharing with you a way, for free, to get rid of the curse…

Here it is…

Are you ready?

Ignore it!

Yep that is it!

What you thought you had to dance in mashed potatoes while standing on your head chanting a chant of the ancients? LMAO NO! Let me tell you WHY you need to just stop believing you are cursed.

Negative energy, such as curses, cause you to be negative yourself. You put yourself in a negative bubble attracting negative outcomes. So when you think everything in your life is falling apart, it is because you aren’t letting go of the negative. You are too busy focusing on what could or has gone wrong feeling cursed than to just to let go. Look into the positives of your situation.

For example let’s say you got a flat tire. What are the positives in the situation? Well the rim isn’t damaged. You can be blessed and thankful that it happened when it did instead of being in a dangerous situation. Think positive. Try to always turn something negative into a positive. I promise you that once you start flipping your mind over, you will see the change in perspective.

Curses aren’t real. They don’t exist! It is the negative energy we put forth that makes us feel that way.