Wisdom Wednesday: Why you shouldn’t ask how someone feels about you

I get this question a LOT…I do mean a LOT!
“How does he feel about me?”
“How does she feel about me?”
I even get it in regards to jobs!

This question is a nasty one to ask. Why? Because you are giving up your power to someone else. You are allowing feelings to encircle you over a being that you are infatuated with. When really you need to be empowered and assertive with what you seek and need. Not worrying about how someone feels about you. Why should you care? Plus this question is like spying on someones cellphone, e-mail, mail to see what they are doing in their lives. I am sure you don’t want others to see what is on your cellphone, e-mail or mail right? So why would you want to invade someone’s privacy?

Let’s say you didn’t know this and someone answered your question and it had a great answer. Now you are in a relationship with this person. Are you going to communicate your needs and desires to them or are you just going to go with the flow even if it makes you unhappy? Unhappy because you are both not a team. They do whatever they want because you are afraid to speak up. That is what happens with a lot of these types of people who ask these types of questions. You are afraid to approach the person, the relationship fizzles and then you get mad because the reader told you the relationship had potential. Well it did if you would open your mouth and say what you want and feel.

If you have to ask “How do they feel about me?” to a reader, you are not ready for a relationship! PERIOD! You need to work on self love, self confidence and get a reading to empower you. Not the other person.

So what question should you ask?
“How are the energies with me and ?”
“Would this relationship be the one for me?”
“How can I improve my chances for this relationship?”

Do you see what I did here? I made YOU the priority first! Not the other person. THAT my friend is a reading to empower you!