Wisdom Wednesday: We Are One Love

This Wisdom Wednesday I want to talk about love. Not a romantic love, but love as a whole.

I was reading “The Power of Love” by James Van Praagh yesterday and made a revelation within myself.  Which I do recommend reading by the way.

Now what if, we are here to learn to accept and love one another despite our differences? What if in a previous life we didn’t accept others or before we can move on in Spirit we have to learn to accept others differences and love them? No matter race, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities, mental illnesses…we need to learn to love one another. To have compassion and understanding. What if religion was created to try and hinder the process to see if we would just learn to accept no matter what is taught to us?

Have you noticed what happens when we don’t accept others as opposed to when we do?

I’ve always believed we are just souls in a physical body. We may or may not have been able to choose our gender, our race, our sexual orientation…and so forth. Or maybe we did to teach a lesson to other souls who are lost in the journey of accepting all with love?

Why can’t we love each other? What is keeping us from doing this? It seems like it is hard to love, but easier to hate doesn’t it? Hate is a strong word, I know, but lets just think on this. If you are sickened or disgusted by someone, why? Really look deep within. Why does that person disgust you? What would happen to you if you were to love the person, love the soul inside the physical body? How would you feel if you were to put yourself in their shoes?

Many of us don’t think like that do we? Some just have instant hatred and are not sure why. Maybe it is a lesson they must learn? Maybe they repeat these lessons each life time until they get it right so they can move on to the next plane?

Does this concept scare you or does it enlighten you?

What if within the cosmos, in other alien worlds, they are different but LOVE each other and we are the only planet that doesn’t? Like we are the bullying child planet? What would really happen to this world if we LOVE each other no matter our differences?

Makes me wonder…that’s for sure!

So practice love.
If you feel a disgust with someone, try to figure out on your own why? Is it their race? Is it their disposition? Is it their gender? Is it their sexual orientation? Write it down if needed. Dissect the thoughts you have. Try to find the true nature or cause. If you have messages coming within then write them down as they could be part of automatic writing coming from your Higher Self to better understand your current lifetime.
Then try to love that person or group of people.

Welcome unconditional love into your life!

Tarot Card of the Week for 03/27/17 to 04/02/17: Page of Crystals

Tarot Card of the Week for 03/27/17 to 04/02/17
Page of Crystals
The Starchild Tarot

Plant the seed this new moon and watch it bloom. Create an intention list from small to large. Don’t forget to add heal the earth and world peace. Look at this list each day this moon cycle. What has flourished and what didn’t? For what you didn’t get accomplished you may not be ready for it so try the next moon cycle. Still plant the seed now!



Want to do a little Moon Magick?

I am going to be doing a bit of Moon Magick starting on the New Moon Mar 27, 2017 at 8:57 pm MST. So if you want to play along this is what you need to have:
A tarot or oracle deck or an app on your phone is OK. Or call/chat and ask me to draw the cards when needed.
A notebook and a pen/pencil.

Once you have your items, write at least 5 or 10 things you wish to manifest this moon cycle. Small to something large if you want. Just make sure to add something like cleaning the planet, world peace…something we all could benefit from. The rest, be selfish. Something small could be like finding $5.00. Something big getting a new car. What are 10 things you wish for.

Now once you have this list made you can either keep it in your journal, burn it (be careful), or bury it. Up to you. I personally keep it to the next moon cycle and I burn it after I have reviewed the list and checked off the things that have happened so I can add more if needed or wanted.

Then starting on March 27, pull a card asking about your intentions. If it seems like a negative card, don’t allow it to drown you down. It could just mean you need to remove mental blocks (8 of Swords) or this will shake up your world (XVI The Tower)! Write down your card regardless what it means. Meditate with it if needed.

Then follow this blog for information in regards to this Moon Magick cycle.

Good luck! 🙂

Wednesday Wisdom: My Soulmate is Married!

So you found the person of your dreams…but THEY ARE MARRIED!

This Wednesday Wisdom we will talk about why you shouldn’t get involved with someone who is married.

I had a client a long time ago who believed that she met the man of her dreams, plus there was a strong connection between her and him that she couldn’t place. She declared that this man was her soulmate. The bad news was he was married. She wanted to know when he would get a divorce so they can be together.

This situation didn’t need any type of psychic intervention, but girlfriend to girlfriend advice. First of all do they have kids? Yes. Well take into consideration the wife’s feelings. She either works or is home with the kids. She is drained. She has to take care of their kids and has little time for herself.  So she may have neglected him in the bedroom and he is fishing for lust, not love.

What makes you think he will treat you different if you were the same wife?


You may be soulmates, but ANYONE can be your soulmate. A soulmate is a soul you met in a previous life. Your dog could be a soulmate.  Your next door neighbor could be your soulmate. What it truly sounds like is this person “glamoured” you. If you know the story of vampires, glamour is a power they hold where they use their charm to get what they want or who they want. He could be a psychic vampire trying to get his needs met and not care about yours. I mean obviously he doesn’t care about his wife or his kids. Think about that…

Always put yourself in everyone involved shoes. The wife, the kids, and even him…would you still want to be with him?

Explaining it like this helps a lot of those of you, men included, who are in a situation where infatuation has taken a hold of your mind, heart & soul. Unable to see clearly the situation at hand. You should always look at everything and everyone involved. Even if you made a horrible choice, you can always leave the situation. Just make sure you remove the remains…social media, text, pictures, gifts and so forth. You aren’t worth the headache or heartache!

The Cernunnos Athame I Won

Isn’t it beautiful and it got here super fast!

Tarot Card for the Week 03/20/17 to 03/26/17

Card for the Week 03/20/17 to 03/26/17:
2 of Swords
The Starchild Tarot
Stop doubting yourself and make a choice. It’s the only way to get pass this crossroads in your path. Confidence is key for your choice to work.


Wisdom Wednesday: HELP! I’M CURSED!

This is a common request I get. Where one feels that they are cursed or have a curse on them as things never go right. So this Wisdom Wednesday I am sharing with you a way, for free, to get rid of the curse…

Here it is…

Are you ready?

Ignore it!

Yep that is it!

What you thought you had to dance in mashed potatoes while standing on your head chanting a chant of the ancients? LMAO NO! Let me tell you WHY you need to just stop believing you are cursed.

Negative energy, such as curses, cause you to be negative yourself. You put yourself in a negative bubble attracting negative outcomes. So when you think everything in your life is falling apart, it is because you aren’t letting go of the negative. You are too busy focusing on what could or has gone wrong feeling cursed than to just to let go. Look into the positives of your situation.

For example let’s say you got a flat tire. What are the positives in the situation? Well the rim isn’t damaged. You can be blessed and thankful that it happened when it did instead of being in a dangerous situation. Think positive. Try to always turn something negative into a positive. I promise you that once you start flipping your mind over, you will see the change in perspective.

Curses aren’t real. They don’t exist! It is the negative energy we put forth that makes us feel that way.

Card of the Week for 03/13/17 to 03/19/17

7 of Pentacles Reflect on what you have achieved so far. Should you continue or make changes? Evaluation is in order right now. Make changes if needed, but if you are seeing your work bloom, then leave it alone and let it grow.

New Decks Coming My Way

I have a few new tarot decks coming my way that I can’t wait to dive into.
The Wild Unknown Tarot
Starchild Tarot Akashic Edition
Daughters of the Moon Tarot

I have been eyeing these for awhile and am now finally able to get them. I just can’t wait! I should get The Wild Unknown tomorrow. Yes delivery on a Sunday even! 🙂

So be prepared for some readings from them. 🙂 Since The Wild Unknown will be here first, they will be the first deck. I didn’t know if I would like them or not. Felt connected to them, so I thought I would give it a go. I will of course post up my feelings on the deck.

Wisdom Wednesday: Why you shouldn’t ask how someone feels about you

I get this question a LOT…I do mean a LOT!
“How does he feel about me?”
“How does she feel about me?”
I even get it in regards to jobs!

This question is a nasty one to ask. Why? Because you are giving up your power to someone else. You are allowing feelings to encircle you over a being that you are infatuated with. When really you need to be empowered and assertive with what you seek and need. Not worrying about how someone feels about you. Why should you care? Plus this question is like spying on someones cellphone, e-mail, mail to see what they are doing in their lives. I am sure you don’t want others to see what is on your cellphone, e-mail or mail right? So why would you want to invade someone’s privacy?

Let’s say you didn’t know this and someone answered your question and it had a great answer. Now you are in a relationship with this person. Are you going to communicate your needs and desires to them or are you just going to go with the flow even if it makes you unhappy? Unhappy because you are both not a team. They do whatever they want because you are afraid to speak up. That is what happens with a lot of these types of people who ask these types of questions. You are afraid to approach the person, the relationship fizzles and then you get mad because the reader told you the relationship had potential. Well it did if you would open your mouth and say what you want and feel.

If you have to ask “How do they feel about me?” to a reader, you are not ready for a relationship! PERIOD! You need to work on self love, self confidence and get a reading to empower you. Not the other person.

So what question should you ask?
“How are the energies with me and ?”
“Would this relationship be the one for me?”
“How can I improve my chances for this relationship?”

Do you see what I did here? I made YOU the priority first! Not the other person. THAT my friend is a reading to empower you!